Tips on Keeping Life Simple

Tips on Keeping Life SimpleWhy does life have to be so complicated?

The answer may be too complicated to address in this short article, but here are some simple steps which may help make life a little easier for you - both at work and at home.

Establish a set of guiding values and priorities. Relying on them for direction will make decision-making easier and cut down on unnecessary mental gymnastics.

Use a personal planner, either computerized or manual. At first, it may seem awkward and cumbersome but ultimately will help rid your mind of those “things I have to remember”. It’s probably best to use one single planner to keep track of all areas of your life.

Make honesty your policy. “Oh what a tangled web we weave....” Telling the truth is a basic but powerful way to keep your life more simple.

Just do it. Not only when buying a certain type of sports equipment. The loose ends of unfinished business can often tie us up in knots. Acting immediately, when possible, clears these nagging issues from our conscious.

Just say no. On the other hand, not everything is worth doing. Just as pruning a tree releases energy for more dramatic growth, ridding yourself of extraneous activity can result in quantum leaps in your overall effectiveness.

Consider letting go of the trivial and latching on to the more important opportunities.

Delegate. Share responsibilities with your co-workers, family, and friends.

When you’re especially bogged down, look at ways to “outsource” - consider hiring someone to handle your taxes, clean the house etc ... Don’t be afraid to ask friends for help when you’re feeling overwhelmed.