Willwerscheid's Core Values Helping You

welcomeIn a world that is ever changing and morphing, it is even more important that as a person, an organization or as a business, we know who we are. That is why at Willwerscheid Funeral Home and Cremation Service, we want to let you in on our core values so you can see how they influence our work. You may even be inspired to sit down and decide what your core values are. They can serve you as a reminder to how you want to live your life. You could do this with a spouse or your company. If that interests you at all, at the end today we’ll give you a quick guide to start deciphering your own values.

Our first core value is competence. You may ask why we feel competence is so important to our business. In the funeral industry, there are many ways of getting things done, but we want to always be sure that we are doing things the right way, with the best knowledge out there. The competence of each team member impacts the service we are able to give to each client and we do our best to make sure our knowledge is at the top of the industry.

Our second core value is honesty. Under this value we would also use words like straightforward and trustworthy when it comes to how we do business. We will never compromise the quality or service to our clients over anything. In all that we do, we strive to be honest and trustworthy.

Recognition of the Individual
Perhaps our most important core value is the importance we see in recognizing the uniqueness of every individual we serve. Everyone has a story to tell, even the way we perform a funeral service can show that individual’s unique style and personality. We strive to always value each individual’s story and share it in a way that is respectful and honest.

Define Your Own Values
One of the easiest ways to define your goals is by completing this simple online exercise from Think2Peform. It has you go through a set of cards that list out values. You then narrow down what is most important to you as you go. Going through the list and narrowing further and further down is very insightful. Consider having your spouse, business partner or best friend do the exercise as well and compare your results at the end. You can look at the values that you have in common and the ones that you don’t. It may help you understand each other better and give you better insight into each other’s decisions. You could also print out your top 5 Core Values and keep them in your wallet or in your car as a reminder. It’s a fun and interesting exercise!
What are you top core values? Do you share any of your core values with Willwerscheid? We’d love to hear from you!