What You Can Do To Help Prevent Childhood Cancer

What You Can Do To Help Prevent Childhood CancerCurrently,  after accidents, cancer is the second leading cause of death in children ages 1 to 14. There are steps we can take to try to change this statistic! September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month so along with talking about how you can prevent cancer in your own children, we will discuss ways that you can help in the effort to get rid of childhood cancer all together.

It may seem like an impossible task, but finding a cure for multiple different kinds of cancer isn’t as far off as it may seem. The strides that have been made in finding treatments and a cure have come a long way. Only 5 years ago it would have seemed impossible to have a 10 year remission on melanoma (a seemingly unbeatable cancer), but now it is possible. So what can you do to help prevent childhood cancer?

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Speak up for those who are fighting a big battle. Find out what events are going on around you that benefit fighting childhood cancer and share it with others. Encourage others to join you when signing up for those kinds of events and share the stories that you discover through your journey. Another easy way to be an advocate is sharing articles like these with your friends and family. Simply select one of the sharing icons on the side of this article to see the many ways in which you can share this article.

Use Your Connections on Facebook

Another simple way to be an advocate for those struggling against childhood cancer is to change your Facebook Profile picture. Follow these simple instructions in the month of September and you can change your photo to have a frame that supports Childhood Cancer Awareness month. What a simple way to spread the word!

Give. Donate. Encourage others to give.

While you may not be able to cure cancer yourself, you can donate towards scientists that are working towards a cure and other treatments. There are many great organizations to give to, but here is our short list of trusted organizations that are working towards ending childhood cancer.

Make Changes in Your Own Home

Many people do not realize that studies conducted about various childhood cancers have shown that there are things we can do to limit the risk to our children getting cancer. Will these steps prevent all childhood cancer? No. There are still some of us who will experience the this terrible disease. However, researchers have found ways to decrease the number of children getting cancer.

Here are just a few of the the research supported steps you can take to help prevent cancer in your children. Most of these are healthy lifestyle choices that are known to help prevent cancers over the long-term. For the full list, visit this CDC article.

  1. Stop smoking. Smoke from other people’s cigarettes (“secondhand” smoke) can cause lung cancer. There is no safe level of secondhand smoke for nonsmokers. Don’t expose your children to secondhand smoke. Take the first steps to quit smoking: call 1 (800) QUIT-NOW (784-8669) for free support and visit www.cdc.gov/quit. Talk to your child about smoking. Most people begin smoking while a teen.
  2. Prevent obesity in your children by eating a healthy diet and by exercising as obesity is linked with higher instances of cancer in adults. Most obese children will become obese adults.

  3. Think Ahead. Taking enough folic acid during pregnancy and breastfeeding your child may reduce the risk of your child getting cancer although no causal link has been firmly established. 

When it comes down to it, there are things we can all do to help prevent childhood cancer, whether it’s in our own home or by helping others who are impacted by this terrible disease. Loving the children through the trials of living with cancer is more important than anything else.  What are other ways you have thought of that can make an impact on those who are affected by childhood cancer? Let’s make a difference together!