Which Essential Oils to Use When You're Grieving

Which Essential Oils to Use When You're GrievingDo you have essential oils at home? If so, you may find that using some of the oils can help you through the grieving process. If you don’t currently use essential oils, you may want to consider adding them to your life during this time of loss and grieving. Why? Essential oils may help you process the grief you are experiencing. Feelings of grief vary from day to day and essential oils can bring a source of outside, healthy, assistance to you in a very personalized way.

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Journaling Through Your Grief

Journaling through Your Grief8 28Living life to the fullest is often an extremely difficult undertaking after the death of a loved one. Memories of the death, the funeral, even arguments cycle through the mind. Exhaustion becomes an ever-present companion. Wondering if life will ever feel good again becomes a common thought that weaves through the mind and heart intermittently throughout the days, weeks, months, and years. The stages and cycles of grief (denial, bargaining, anger, depression, acceptance) can change quickly or slowly. Wild swings in emotions are completely normal after experiencing a beloved one’s death. Therese A. Rando* defines grief as a reaction or response to loss and includes physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual dimensions and that mourning includes rituals or behaviors associated with grief. Grief is the beginning of mourning.

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How to Have a Zero Waste Funeral

How to Have a Zero Waste Funeral8 20Has your loved one requested a zero waste funeral? Or perhaps your loved one who has passed on was a passionate supporter of living green and protecting the environment as much as possible. How can you honor your loved one with a zero waste funeral? Is there really a good reason to even consider a zero waste funeral?

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Losing Multiple Loved Ones

Losing Multiple Loved Ones8 14Experiencing the loss of a beloved friend or family member is extremely difficult. Each of us experiences grief whether the death was expected or not expected. The intensity and trauma of losing more than one person at the same time or within a very short time frame can impact a person even more deeply. Despair and the feelings of grief can overwhelm a person and leave them floundering about even how to grieve. How can a person honor each loved one, grieve each loss, experience all the emotions of a grief cycle and get through the days healthy and whole?

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15 Simple Questions to Help Pre-plan Your Parents Funeral

15 Simple Questions to Help Pre plan Your Parents Funeral8 7How can you help your parents to pre-plan their funeral? At first thought, it might seem disrespectful and callous to want to talk with your parents about their eventual death. Many people find it difficult to think about or talk about death and dying. Death and dying are complex topics overlaid with a sense of grief and loss. Some parents may not want to think about their death. Others may just be waiting for an opening to discuss their wishes upon their death.

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Memorial Ideas After Losing a Child

Memorial Ideas After Losing a ChildExperiencing the death of a child is one of the most difficult and traumatic events in life. The hole that the child or baby leaves in your heart is so big it feels like you will never be able to be whole again. That feeling is normal and is part of the grieving process. It doesn’t usually help to know that intellectually. How can a person get from feeling overwhelmed and empty by the loss of a child in a way that will help them heal? One way that has helped many over the years is to find a way to memorialize the death of the child in a personal way that ministers to your heart. The ways to memorialize a lost child will vary greatly depending on your culture, the child, and your family traditions. Below are a few ideas on how to memorialize a child to help in your healing journey. This list is sorted into personal and more public ways to memorialize your child.

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Dos and Don'ts of Expressing Sympathy

Dos and Donts of Expressing Sympathy7 24It is often difficult to find the words to express sympathy to a friend or family member who has just experienced the death of a loved one. Heartfelt condolences can bring comfort to those left behind, yet expressing your sympathy inappropriately may hurt the person you most want to help. Thinking through exactly what you want to say ahead of time can help you navigate through these times of sorrow and grief. Preparing words of sympathy may seem like excessive planning, however, knowing what you want to say and how to say it can ease your way during times of sorrow.


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Dealing with Inheritances and Family After a Death

Dealing with Inheritances and Family After a Death7 17Many people think that if they win the lottery or have some great aunt unexpectedly leave them loads of money as an inheritance, that their lives will be better and easier. While receiving an inheritance can be a great blessing, it can also cause rifts between family members and bring more pain than one would expect. To assist with issues that may come up, we have put together a list of helpful tips to make dealing with an inheritance easier on everyone involved.

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A History Lesson in American Funerals

A History Lesson in American Funerals7 10“The grave was as familiar as the cradle, and the New Englander never saw any reason to ignore or disguise it.”

The Fourth of July has traditionally been a time to take a break from our hectic daily lives, spend time with family and friends, and admire the hard work of those who have come before us. From the birth of America to those fighting for our freedom today, we reflect on the lives of those who have sacrificed for our country.

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Willwerscheid's Core Values Helping You

welcomeIn a world that is ever changing and morphing, it is even more important that as a person, an organization or as a business, we know who we are. That is why at Willwerscheid Funeral Home and Cremation Service, we want to let you in on our core values so you can see how they influence our work. You may even be inspired to sit down and decide what your core values are. They can serve you as a reminder to how you want to live your life. You could do this with a spouse or your company. If that interests you at all, at the end today we’ll give you a quick guide to start deciphering your own values.

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What To Write With The Flowers

What To Write With The Flowers6 26You’ve found the perfect bouquet of flowers to bring to the funeral using our special guide, but now you need to know what to write in the card. Finding just the right expression of condolence can be of great comfort to the family that has lost a loved one, and you will feel better too knowing you have written something helpful. Are you having a hard time trying to find the right thing to write? Have no fear, we have you covered. Here’s a list of 15 condolences to write in the card that you can mix and match and add your own style too. Let’s get started.

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