Cremation Packages

All Cremation Packages include: Professional services of funeral directors and staff, transportation to the place of death, transportation to the crematory, medical examiner fees, and crematory fee. Cremation Packages do NOT include Cash Advanced items.

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Memorial Service preceded by Cremation
Private Family Gathering followed by Cremation
Direct Cremation.

 Memorial Tribute with Public Gathering Evening PriorMemorial Tribute with Public Gathering Same Day

Commemorative Package

Cherry Rental Casket with Velvet interior

$7,489 $7,444

Tribute Package

Oak Rental Casket with Velvet interior

$7,309 $7,264

Simple Package

Poplar Rental Casket with Velvet interior

$7,129 $7,084
Public Visitation X X
Funeral Service X X
Memorial Service X
Private Family Gathering  X  X
Memorial Print Package X X
Video Tribute X X
Personalized Web Page X X
Hearse for Service X X
Service Vehicle X X
Preparation for Public Visitation X X
Preparation for Private Visitation    
Remembrance Jewelry X X
Choice of Memorial Urn ($450.00 Value) X X
Basic Cremation Container    
Basic Minimum Urn