Additional Cremation Packages

 Memorial Service preceded by CremationPrivate Family Gathering followed by CremationDirect Cremation $2795

Commemorative Package

Viewing Casket with Full Interior

$5,070 $4,135 Not Available

Tribute Package

Viewing Casket with Partial Interior

$4,805 $3,850 Not Available

Simple Package

Simple Cardboard Cremation Container

$4,595 $3,660 Not Available
Public Visitation X    
Funeral Service      
Memorial Service X    
Private Family Gathering X X  
Memorial Print Package X    
Video Tribute X    
Personalized Web Page X X X
Hearse for Service      
Service Vehicle X    
Preparation for PUBLIC Visitation      
Preparation for PRIVATE Visitation X X  
Remembrance Jewelry X X  
Memorial Urn ($345 Value) X     
Memorial Urn ($295 Value)    X  
Basic Minimum Urn     X
Basic Cremation Container     X