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Burial and the Traditional Funeral Service

services trad burialWhen people think of burial they usually are referring to a traditional funeral service. This has traditionally meant a memorial ritual where there is a visitation with the deceased present in a casket. The visitation is followed by a funeral service in a church, the funeral home, or other place. The final disposition, burial or cremation, then follows the service. As people become more conscious of the environmental concerns of cremation and traditional burial, they are turning more and more to “green burial” options. Visit Natural Burial and Cremation to learn more.

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services cremationWhen we refer to the Contemporary Funeral Service we are indicating that the deceased human remains are not present for the visitation or service. In fact we usually refer to the visitation as “a gathering of friends and family”. Most of the time cremation is chosen as the form of final disposition but burial is still an option. The cremated remains may be scattered, buried, or saved by family members.

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Funeral Estate Planning

services estateYou know the old saying - "The only two things in life that are for certain are death and taxes."

Taxes - We all prepare for the inevitable tax day of April 15. Annually we spend time, money, and personal resources on the preparation of taxes. No one likes it but we all do it.

Death - More and more of us are planning for this inevitability. In a fraction of the time just one year of tax preparation takes you could have you funeral or memorial services planned and paid for.

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Support Services

services supportSince there's very little grief training in our culture, people are often surprised by how hard their grief hits them. We usually don't know what to expect until we experience a major loss and begin to suffer the consequences.

It's important to understand that grief is a pervasive experience that impacts the whole person--physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It's also important not to be afraid to experience grief symptoms--many people try to put their grief aside and "get over it," but this only delays the healing process. As you go through the grieving process, you'll probably experience three distinct phases of grief.

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