How to Say “Thank You” After Your Loss January 4, 2016


Cards are normally sent within the first few weeks following the service. The etiquette of acknowledgment is truly a very personal and individual matter. In most cases a few sincere words are all that is necessary to express your gratitude and to convey that personal me to you feeling. Remember to write honestly and from the heart.

Thank You Cards

Two types of written acknowledgements are commonly used; an acknowledgement card with a standard verse (which are provided for you at no cost from Willwerscheid Funeral Homes) and a simple blank note card of your choosing. These blank cards allow you to write a special message for each recipient. If you are using pre-printed cards, you should add a sentence or two to personally express your gratitude. It only takes a moment. Below is a list of who should be acknowledged.

  • Clergy
  • Close friends, relatives and neighbors
  • Pallbearers
  • Cars and services

In most cases, is it not necessary to send a written acknowledgement for calls from friends as these have been answered. If you have callers who you have not spoken to, a note of appreciation may be sent.

Examples of Acknowledement

Here are a few examples of acknowledgement messages that may be helpful:

Dear Father Nolan,
Bob and I thank you for your support and consolation during this difficult time. The funeral service you performed gave inspiration and comfort to everyone present.

Dear Judy,
I want to convey my deepest appreciation for the wonderful buffet you arranged. You have shown us the kindness of a close neighbor and true friend.

Dear Don,
Thank you for your assistance as pallbearer. Your presence was a great comfort for us during our time of sadness. Thank you for being there.


It only takes a moment to express your gratitude and those who receive your well worded acknowledgement will appreciate the gesture. Do you know someone who may benefit from this article? Please pass it along as we hope to be a helpful presence during the loss of loved ones.

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