Five Options for Successfully Paying for a Funeral January 20, 2016

Instead we will look at the five best options that will allow you to pay for a funeral without breaking the bank. Some are better than others so make sure to understand each choice before moving forward and contact us with any follow up questions you may have.

As you look to be prepared for financing a funeral, here are some options to consider:

Pre-Need Insurance and Annuities
Pre-need insurance plans and annuities are designed to cover the expenses associated with your death and funeral. Both of these options are provided by life insurance companies that specialize in the funding of funerals. Because the monies are placed in a life insurance company these two options have many benefits that the other options listed below do not have. For reasons known only to the government lobbyist and our politicians, the monies that can be put aside for funerals when using life insurance is basically unlimited. Whereas the monies placed in bank trusts and traditional life insurance products have limits placed on them, especially when families are applying for medical assistance. For the specific limitations feel free to contact us.

Traditional Life Insurance
A traditional life insurance policy can meet several needs–pay off loans, fund education costs, and provide for living expenses, as well as funeral expenses. But remember that if you are applying for medical assistance, limitations exist.

Bank or Funeral Trust
A funeral trust is similar to a savings plan. The earnings on funeral bank trust funds are taxed every year, and paid either by the family or by the trust itself.

Savings Account
Beware of using a savings account as a strategy. A long illness can easily deplete short-term savings, while taxes and early withdrawal penalties can reduce long-term savings.

These are some important options for you to consider as you plan to be prepared for whatever comes. Consider the choices carefully and for more information on funeral pre-planning and pre-funding, contact us to answer any other questions you have.  Willwerscheid Funeral Home and Cremation Services makes the pre-planning and pre-funding process simple and easy.

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