A Musical Tribute to Your Loved One: Funeral Hymn Guide April 11, 2016

Guide to Funeral Hymns

How Great Thou Art
How Great Thou Art captures a testament between man and God. The lyric is like a conversation as one speaks to God about their everyday amazement for the things God does in our lives. The song is also representative of our trust in the Divine Power of God, even if we may not always agree with how he works in our lives.

The Wind Beneath My Wings
The Wind Beneath my Wings is a contemporary song referring to a person. It is representative of a friend, family member or someone special in your life that stood by you, gave you inspiration or encouraged you. Without this person in your life, you may have not reached your goals or dreams. This song is very inspiring and is a dedication to those most important in our lives.

The Lord’s Prayer
The Lord’s Prayer is one of the best loved and most spoken prayers in the religious world. It is used in church services, schools, in small groups and in many individual private times with God. ?When this prayer is expressed through music, its meaning is amplified. It is a salute to the ultimate power and blessings God provides in our lives.

In the Garden
In the Garden is a beautiful hymn written to remind us that God is always near and ready to meet our needs. The lyrics and music of this hymn capture our hearts and give us strength in knowing we can always talk to God in times of sorrow and grief. We are also reminded that God is there for us during happy and content moments in our life.

Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace has a very spiritual lyric describing profound religious elation and is one of the most beloved hymns of the last two centuries. The lyric describes the relationship of a man and God, as he had been saved by the power of God and the presence of him in his life. This hymn is representative of how having God in your life can guide you, save you and ultimately bring you home to heaven.

On Eagle’s Wings
On Eagle’s Wings is a hymn written as a reminder of God’s uplifting presence in times of sorrow. Its lyrics are drawn from the Scripture’s descriptions of God’s protection and providence. The song’s chorus depicts God’s high and secure presence in our lives. He will be there to “make you to shine like the sun, and hold you in the palm of his hand.” This song is used often at funerals to comfort those at a time of great loss, reminding us that God will be with us through our journey of grief.

Traditional hymns are often used in Funeral Services however, we are finding that client families are choosing many contemporary songs that are more of a reflection on the individual’s life. Every life has a legacy and story to tell. We offer a place to tell that story. Every client’s funeral has its own style so while these traditional hymns may play a part in your loved one’s funeral, there are many options. If you feel a contemporary song may be a better fit, make sure to stay tuned to our news blog for our contemporary song suggestions.

The list above is a small picture of what songs and hymns are available to represent your loved one at their funeral. If you are currently planning for the future and putting together your own funeral plans and are looking for guidance on what music to include in your future service, Willwerscheid is here to help you. Please contact us today with any questions. We want to make sure funeral planning for you and your family is an easy and smooth process.


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