Letters of Notification | How to Notify Organizations and Businesses of a Loved One’s Passing May 3, 2016

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There are individuals as well as organizations and businesses to notify. We want to be able to ease your stress with simple-to-use letters of notification. We want to ensure that you can terminate services (such as phone, gas, and electricity), club and association memberships, and newspaper and magazine subscriptions, etc. By sending these letters, you will be informing the company or organization of someone’s passing as well as stopping any services or subscriptions due to a death.

Utilizing the list below will help you quickly take care of certain added stress. This way you can help avoid dealing with mail with your loved one’s name on it. As there are a lot of third party people to notify, the letter of notification list below will help make a rough road a little bit smoother. Willwerscheid offers electronic access to these letters for your unlimited use.

Some of the organizations and institutions listed may be satisfied with contact by telephone. If this is the case, use the letter to assist you as a reference for your conversation. In these letter templates, we have included key elements or items each business owner or company will need to know to stop services, deliveries, etc. Please be sure you have the full name, address, date and place of birth, and the occupation of the person who has died. If the person was married, you may need to provide additional details about the surviving partner.

For security and privacy, you will want to stop or redirect mail, magazine and newspaper delivery. By providing new instructions to the service provider, you will prevent these items from accumulating at the home of the deceased. The United States Postal Service has its own form that must be completed to forward mail delivery. Please contact your local Post Office for this form.

Form Letters Offered by Willwerscheid Funeral Home:

• Veterans Administration
• Trustee/Administrator/Executor
• Financial Planner/Accountant
• Bank/Credit Union/Savings and Loan
• Credit Cards
• Life and Accidental Death Insurance
• Insurance Policy Cancellation
• Insurance Policy Change/Transfer
• Attorney
• Employer
• Utilities
• American Council of Life Insurers (Policy Search)

It is very important to make a photocopy of each letter and any important document you may have for your records. Many banks provide free photocopying for seniors. Record the date each letter was sent. Keeping good records of what letters are sent and who they are sent to is key. In some cases, it will be important to follow up with the recipient of the letter to ensure they received it and can process your request.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at Willwerscheid Funeral Home for access to these letters or if there is something not listed above that you need help with. We are more than happy to help you put these letters together and make the process as smooth as possible for your family.

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