The One Thing No One Wants to Talk About May 23, 2016

Death The One Thing No One Wants to Talk About5 23


While it can be very difficult to discuss the “D” word, we should all understand the importance of being able to do so. In light of that, we’ve provided some helpful suggestions of how you can start the conversation so we can talk about death in a healthy and respectful way.

Ask Questions
If you simply have not had any experience with death in your own life and would like to know more about it, asking an older loved one about their experiences can help you understand the magnitude of the loss of a loved one. Many older people will have stories about death and will be eager to share them. Being comforted by that conversation and knowing that death experiences can happen to everyone may put you at ease.

Being Aware and Responsive
In appropriate situations, discussing your own experiences with death and dying can spark conversation among your peers. In addition, showing compassion for those in your life that have recently experience loss can help as a starting point for healthy discussion around death. If a co-worker or friend loses someone in their life, it is important for you to listen to their struggles and be there for them in their time of need. These situations can encourage more personal conversations about loss and grief that you or the other person may need to have.

Use Creative Means
Sometimes it can be helpful to use art, music, or a story to start the conversation. By using something that is separate from ourselves and our own story as a catalyst, it can create a safe space for people to talk about death in a more abstract manner. Art and music also has a tendency to put into action feelings that are hard to articulate. Whether through other’s art and music or the creation of your own, this can be a good starting point for many to talk about death and grief.

Pre-Planning and Preparation
Using practical matters such as pre-planning a funeral or completing your estate planning can spur on a helpful discussion with a respectful frame of mind. Discussing one’s death can be a very uncomfortable topic, but by pre-planning your funeral you can make all the arrangements during a time of peace. This will allow your loved ones to carry less stress during their time of grief. Preparation and planning can ensure your loved one that their wishes are known and can provide relief in case death comes unexpectedly.

Our wish is to make every funeral or memorial service a time for friends and family to gather, grieve and celebrate the life of their loved one. There is a great benefit of pre-planning a loved ones or even your own funeral. Willwerscheid is here to guide you through this process. Talking to us about death, your last wishes and planning details for your funeral can make the inevitable a lot more manageable. We want to provide peace of mind to you and your loved ones. Please contact us today with any questions you have regarding funeral planning.

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