How to Prepare for Loss Part Three | Grief Resources July 10, 2016

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Interactive Resources
When someone is grieving, it is most important for that person to be surrounded by a solid support group. Try and let your feelings and emotions out, as you do not need to carry the weight or burden of sadness on your shoulders. Do not grieve alone. Surrounding yourself with family, friends and support groups will help you work through your grieving journey and ultimately help you heal.

Friends and family members: In a time of loss, reach out to those who care about you, even if you feel you can be strong on your own. Accepting help and guidance from your loved ones is a positive and great resource for you. Asking for help or just having someone with you as you grieve is a step in the right direction.

Faith community: If you are religious, embracing the comfort of prayer and clergy is a comforting resource. Spiritual activities including retreats, church services or bible studies may help contribute positively as you travel along the path of grieving.

Bereavement support groups: One can feel very lonely while they grieve the passing of a loved one. Sharing your stories and sorrow with other who have experience similar situations can be helpful. For more information on bereavement support, please contact us today.

Therapists and grief counselors: Experienced therapist and counselors are available to help those grieving work through very difficult emotions and overcome obstacles. For contact information for those in your area, please reach out to us.

Written Resources
If you are the type of person or you know those who find comfort in written information, we hope the following list of resources will be helpful. There are a wide variety of resources out there and this is just a small portion of what is available on the internet. Whether you are grieving the loss of a parent, child, aunt, friend or a dear friend, these resources can help you understand the process of grieving and give you guidelines and tips to work through your feelings.

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As always, we hope that we are able to provide comfort to you and your family during these very difficult times in your life. We hope that this three part series has offered you the knowledge that we are here to serve this community and want to be there for you in your time of need. Please don’t hesitate to contact Willwerscheid Funeral Home today if you have any questions regarding preparations for a funeral or grieving resources.

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