9 Creative Things to Do with Cremated Remains July 31, 2016

Young girl with braids cuddling a stuffed animal outside in the sun.

Garden Decoration
Urns come in all shapes and size. Place a decorative urn in your garden, reminding you daily of your loved one. This is especially encouraging for those that had a love and connection with the outdoors. 

Mixed in Paint
Choose a painting your loved one admired or even create a portrait of them! Mixing the remains in the paint will forever bind your love for them and provide you with something to display in your home as a constant presence in your life.

In a Stuffed Animal Keepsake
As you travel on your journey of grief, what could be more comforting than something to hold and hug? Several companies specialize in “cuddly” urns, allowing you to hold a portion of the remains in your arms.

Stained Glass Window
There are art galleries and DIY shops that will integrate loved ones remains into the glass pieces for the makings of a beautiful art piece. Display on the wall or in a window to be enjoyed daily.

Airplane wing over mountains.Scattered by Airplane
Scattering remains is very common when it comes to a loved ones remains. Scattering by way of an airplane allows for the remains to be more widespread over large areas. If a loved one had a favorite trip or destination, there are people who will handle this for you.

Memorial Jewelry
Carry the remains of your loved one around with you daily in a beautiful piece of jewelry. Whether it is a necklace around your neck, a bracelet or a small ring, there are many options and creative ways to this method.

Desk Paperweight
Infuse the remains of your loved one into a beautiful glass piece that can sit at your desk at home or work. You will be able to look at it each day and be reminded of someone dear to your heart.

Special Event or Location Scattering
Maybe your loved one had a favorite park, a memorable trip to the ocean or even a special concert they attended that was special to them in a specific way. Scattering the remains at this location can be very meaningful to the family and a great honor to those lost. Having their memory live on where they spent some of their best moments is comforting to family and friends.

Create a Vinyl Record
Embed the remains of your loved one in a vinyl record. Whether it be a special song between you and this person or a recording of funny memories and voice recordings, this certainly will be something that can be listened to and played over and over.

We hope this article has provided guidance and inspiration for you as you decide what you would like to do with the remains of your loved one. We encourage all to pre-plan their funeral so each person has the opportunity to give their thoughts on how they want to be remembered. A large part of funeral planning is discussing the funeral and burial. Please contact Willwerscheid today to discuss your options and answer all your questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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