Inspirational Funeral Program and Memorial Ideas August 7, 2016

Inspirational Funeral Program and Memorial Ideas8 7additional


Printed, Biographical Programs- Technology has certainly allowed funeral program options to expand immensely. Websites like Tiny Prints and Vista Print allow you to personalize your programs and tailor them to your liking. Including biographical information, photos, short stories and fun facts about your loved ones are a few of the many formats and templates available.  

Memorial Poems and Quotes- Whether you include one of these in the funeral program or a table display, these can add the perfect touch to any memorial service. Prayer cards and memorial bookmarks are a great handout to guests and will remind all of a loved one’s memory long after the service.

Photo and Hobby Displays- Creating photo displays that capture the deceased’s hobbies and interests adds a special touch to a funeral service. Letting friends and family view portraits spanning a lifetime really allows all to be in touch with a loved one. In addition, displaying collectibles dear to your loved one provide a glimpse of a life lived fully! It is a great way to personalize the service.

Inspirational Funeral Program and Memorial Ideas8 7Balloon or Lantern Release- Having the group attending the funeral participate in a balloon or lantern release allows all to “let go”. Provide small cards to attach to the item to be released, giving the opportunity for special notes to be written and sent with love. For a more environmentally friendly option, scatter biodegradable hearts with seed in them like those found here. Releasing them together, at the conclusion of the service, is a beautiful finish to a memorial service.

Your loved one lived an important life and deserves to be remembered in a way that is unique to them, helps you express your love, and say good bye to them. We hope the ideas we have listed spark some creativity for you as you plan a loved one’s funeral. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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