Flowers and Funerals: What Should I Get? November 7, 2016

forget me nots

Top 12 Funeral Flowers



White magnolias are a beautiful flower that symbolizes dignity and perseverance. While these flowers would be a good option for any funeral, they are especially meaningful for those who have passed away from a debilitating disease such as cancer or multiple sclerosis.



With roses, there are many options. White roses convey innocence, while red roses signify love. Pink roses evoke grace while crimson roses symbolize grief. Yellow roses represent a friend’s strong ties. You are sure to find a meaningful set of roses that fit your loved one’s situation.


This is where all the girls sigh: orchids signify enduring love. These lovely flowers would be appropriate to represent the undying love of those left behind.


Lilies represent purity and innocence being restored to the soul of the departed. Lilies are elegant flowers that evoke feelings of peace for family members who believe the soul of the loved one is being restored to wholeness in another place.


Camellias in either pink or red embody gratitude. This stunning flower is perfect to show the family of the departed how much their loved one has impact your life and how thankful you are for that.


Violets symbolize faithfulness. Whether it’s the faithfulness of the family or of the spouse who is left behind, the delicate violet flower will touch the hearts of those who receive them.


Carnations also have a large variety of options and meanings to go along with them. Red carnations mean admiration, while pink carnations represent remembrance. White carnations stand for pure love and innocence. You can’t go wrong with any of these simple beauties.


White Lilacs evoke innocence and the intoxicating perfume of them is sure to please both you and the loved ones of the deceased.


Tulips are a classy option for any situation. White tulips signify forgiveness and red tulips represent perfect love. One of these colors will surely be a fit.

forget me notsForget-me-nots:

Forget-me-nots symbolize true love and remembrance. With a name like Forget-Me-Nots, these may be the perfect flower to show how the deceased has changed your life forever and you will not forget them.


The full and vibrant bloom of a Chrysanthemum would be a thoughtful addition to a funeral service. In the US mums symbolize truth. In Europe, mums represent death and are primarily used for funerals. In China, Korea and Japan, white mums symbolize grief.


Gladiolus evoke feelings of strength of character, sincerity and moral integrity. These types of flowers could be very appropriate for someone who served in the military or some sort of other public service. Their tall and strong stalks are the perfect fit for someone who carried themselves that way.

Now that you’ve got a good idea of what your choices are, give your local florist a call and see what they have available. Keep in mind that whichever flowers you choose, your loved ones who receive them will feel the deep love, respect and care that you have for them in the gesture.
What are your favorite flowers to give? Do you know the meaning behind them? Share with us below!

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