The Emotional and Spiritual Healing of Home Funerals January 30, 2017

The Emotional and Spiritual Healing of Home Funerals1 30

Time is not always the primary healer of those who remain after a loved one has passed. Home after-life gatherings allow families and communities to be involved in the process of caring for the deceased. This can help mourners to better accept the death. Washing, dressing, preparing for the visitation or service, and arranging for final disposition are all modes of emotional and spiritual healing. This type of participation puts the family back in charge. It empowers them to express externally what is otherwise only being processed internally. Clergy are enabled to listen and to offer the spiritual support that is most needed.

Home after-life gatherings are a powerful mode of healing for many, but not for all. The following characteristics can help the leaders of faith communities identify those who might be served best by this option:

Cases of anticipated death
Families who agree that a home funeral is best
Environmentally-conscientious families
Family networks that are strong, not exhausted
Families who want to participate in the funeral process

Much of our meaningful history happens in our homes. Home after-life gatherings help preserve vital memories in an intimate and familiar environment. The home after-life gathering option gives families and communities the chance to perform one final act of love, and they help clergy and care staff to serve their communities in a loving and caring manner.

An after-life gathering in the home of the loved one is not the end all to the funeral service. It is simply a stepping stone to help families along the path of grieving. The clergy’s role of spiritual support could begin in the home and then continue to the church or cemetery.

Willwerscheid Funeral Home alongside Natural Burial and Cremation offers a variety of tools and trainings for members of clergy and lay care staff, including:

Clergy Seminars
Parishioners Seminars
Home Funeral Kits
Print Resources
Assistance with Home Funeral
Equipment and Education

If you would like to learn more about what we offer or how you can receive these resources, please contact us today to learn more. We firmly believe that every life has a story to be told and we want to help make that a reality for you and your family.

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