12 Simple Acts of Kindness to Help You Heal February 13, 2017

12 Simple Acts of Kindness to Help You Heal

Start With Some Of These…

Sit with someone who is by themselves at church.

Get a group together to clean up trash in your neighborhood park

Pay for the person behind you at the drive-thru

Send an old friend a handwritten letter or note

Volunteer at a nursing home painting nails or playing games

Make a care package for the single mom down the street

Coordinate a group to volunteer at Feed My Starving Children

Give your server an extra large tip, even if they don’t deserve it!

Shovel your neighbor’s driveway and sidewalk

Leave encouraging notes around your office for others to find

Make It Personal With These…

What did your loved one enjoy doing? If they loved playing chess, visit a nursing home and play a game or two of chess with some lonely folks. The stories you can learn there are inspiring!

What did your loved one suffer from? Did they have a hard time seeing? Donate their old glasses or vision aids to the Minnesota Lions Vision Foundation.

Keep The Kindness Going

When you’re ready, find an organization that you can continually volunteer with or simply continue with your random acts of kindness throughout the year. Taking the time to brighten someone else’s day can be that dose of healing that you need. It won’t take the pain away, but you will be satisfied knowing that you were a blessing to someone else.

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