5 Practical Ways to Deal With Grief June 19, 2017

5 Practical Ways to Deal with Grief


Focus On Feeding Your Body a Healthy Diet

We all have high goals for ourselves: eating more fruits, vegetables, and protein and cutting down on fat, sugar and processed products. It’s good to remember, especially while grieving that the food that we put into our bodies is the fuel that it runs on. If we put low-grade fuel into an expensive car, it will eventually show! Obviously, the fuel we eat affects our mental health as well as our physical health. Here are 5 Tips to Battle Grief with Nutrition.


Join a Grief Support Group

Trying to find healing after a loss can sometimes seem impossible. The weight that you carry often cannot be described, even if you had the energy to do so. It can even feel like you’re all alone and no one understands your grief. While your grief journey is unique, having others to talk with who understand loss can be extremely helpful. Joining a grief support group can be exactly what you need to start moving forward. To help you get started with the process, check out our article  called Mourning Together.


Find a Way to Show Your Grief

“Ancient Hebrews commonly wore sackcloth and ashes as a symbol of grief. The uncomfortable sackcloth reminded the individual of the call to grief. Ashes showed the mortality of man.” – Beth Moore Living Proof


So often in our culture, we are expected to be quiet and subdued in our grieving. In many communities nowadays, there are little to no mourning rituals or practices. Even wearing black during a time of mourning has become somewhat outdated! Taking the time to make a tangible show of our grief can often grant an added freedom of expression. While it may not take the form of sackcloth and ashes, there are many ways to confront the feelings of grief and face them head on. Find out ways you can demonstratively grief here!


Start Your Own Random Act of Kindness Campaign

We could all use a little more kindness in our lives these days. Finding ways to spread kindness can bring great joy during a time of sadness. Start your own Random Acts of Kindness campaign to bless others as a way of healing from grief. If you need ideas on what to include in your random acts of kindness campaign, we have you covered. Check out our article called 12 Simple Acts of Kindness to Help You Heal to get some ideas!


Give Back To a Good Cause

You may have heard the phrase, “it is more blessed to give than to receive” and science has told us this is actually true! Philanthropy can be a healing experience on the long journey of grief and ultimately can bring peace from the loss of a loved one. Whether you find a cause that was close to the heart of the one you have lost, or look for an organization that you find inspiring, giving back to others is a supremely practical way to help with your grief. For some simple tips on giving back, check out this article!


While none of these practical ways to deal with grief will remove the sadness you are experiencing, they will provide ways for you to heal. Now it is time to take these simple ideas and put them to use. Start with something small and see how it impacts your mourning process. Feel free to include others and add your own ideas to our lists. Above all, let yourself take the time to feel your loss and when it’s time, take steps forward to healing.

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