Memorial Ideas After Losing a Child July 31, 2017

Memorial Ideas After Losing a Child

Personal Memorials

Create an album of items that help you remember: ultrasound pictures, school work, birth announcement, birthday cards, etc.

A locket with a picture of the child or a piece of the child’s hairjewelry 1317657 1920

A collection that represents moments or favorites in the child’s life: teddy bears, matchbox cars, angels, one birthday figurine per year of life, a special rock collection with a new rock added each year on the child’s birthday, etc.

Framed footprints and pictures

Get a tattoo that honors the child

Plant a tree or flowers in your yard or a place special to you and your childmagnolias

Create a memorial video of your child

Keep a journal that you write in regularly to your child

Create a memorial shadow box with items special to you and your childshoes

Public Memorials

Establish a memory walk or run in honor of your child

Establish a foundation or activity to support an agency that researches and helps children with the same or similar diagnosis of your child

Collect and donate books or toys to the child’s schoollibrary

Create a memorial at the child’s school such as a quiet sitting spot, a play area, plant a tree or a garden

Release balloons yearly on the child’s birthdayballoons

Sponsor a child living in poverty or in an orphanage through an agency such as Miracle Foundation, Compassion International or Love Without Boundaries

This is just a small list of ways to help you remember your child. Here are some links to other articles about memorializing your lost child. 
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Only you will know the best way to remember your child. It is important to recognize that there is no right way or wrong way to grieve and to remember. Hopefully, these ideas will give you some help in sorting out what you can do to best remember your special child and to help you through your short-term and long-term grieving process. It is never too late to create a memorial to your child whether it is right after the funeral or if it is five or ten years later. Honoring your child is always healing.

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