6 Tips for Getting Out of the Winter Lull January 22, 2018

1. Listen to upbeat, cheerful music. Music therapy is a known way to improve your mood. Therapists even use music to help with chronically ill people, highly distracted kids, and sad animals. Choose some of your favorites or find some new tunes to help improve your mood and even to get you dancing! Taking dance lessons may be a great way to help avoid the winter blues.

2. Wear bright color clothes even though fashionistas tell you to save them for spring. Yellow, orange, reds, and even pastels can bring a sense of happiness to you especially when black, white, grey and dark colors are the norm. Try wearing a brilliantly colored outfit and enjoy the response you get from others as they smile when they see you coming.

3. Plan a vacation. Simply planning a vacation can cause a significant increase in feelings of happiness. Part of it is the dreaming that goes with planning a vacation. Pick a spot you have always wanted to visit and dwell on brochures, websites, hotels, attractions and potential agendas.

4. Order seed catalogues and start planning your garden. Beautiful pictures of the flowers, fruits, vegetables and other plants that you can soon plant in your garden bring garden beauty alive in the mind of the beholder. Thinking about being outside and working in the garden to develop these lovely plants brings an inner happiness that lets you escape from winter for an hour or two.

5. Start a project. Getting focused on a project that will help you enjoyably pass time during the winter season is a great way to avoid the blues. Painting, wood-carving, needlework, drawing, writing a book, painting a room, remodeling a room in the house, are all ways people I know have used to cope through the winter season.

6. Sit by a fire. This is my personal favorite. I love sitting with a warm drink, snuggled up with blankets and a book in front of a fire. Fires are great to just stare at and let your mind wander and dream. Somehow, they are just comforting.

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