How to Plan an Earth Friendly Memorial Service April 18, 2018

The earth is home to over 7.6 billion people. More and more we are realizing how important it is to take care of our earth and to make informed decisions about our impact on the earth. Can you imagine the space it takes to bury 7.6 million people? Along with the 38 billion water bottles that Americans throw away every year, there will be no room! There are many ways to make memorial service more earth friendly.There are even ways to make burials more earth friendly.


If you intend to be eco-friendly when planning memorial services it is better to plan ahead. More traditional options will be readily available and you may not want to spend the time researching or finding eco-friendly products and services while grieving. Planning ahead will make your memorial service beautiful, memorable, and eco-friendly.

Here are a few ideas to help you start your planning process.


  1. If you plan to serve a more casual meal where paper products would be used, search for eco-friendly dinnerware to use at any post funeral gatherings planned.
  2. Planning a meat free meal for after the memorial may be the way to go. Try to use locally sourced ingredients in your meal. A great place to find locally grown foods and food products are at a local food co-op. This is a great place to utilize in your pre-planning of an eco-friendly memorial meal.
  3. Flower bouquets are so beautiful that I hesitate to mention eliminating or reducing them from your service, however, the growing of, cultivating and transporting of these beauties do take an environmental toll. Perhaps requesting donations and memorials to a favorite non-profit in lieu of flowers would be a gentle way to be more eco-friendly.
  4. Trees are another option for memorializing your loved one. Request that family and friends plant a tree in memory of their beloved.
  5. If you are more comfortable with a coffin to inter your loved ones remains, eliminate extravagant coffins and choosing one of these options. These coffins are biodegradable and leave a very small imprint in the earth versus those with velvet, fancy metal hinges, and designs. It also saves trees that are rare and harder to regrow such as mahogany.
  6. Recycle. Be sure to have recycling can or bins for guests to use during the memorial get together. Simply labeling different trash cans and then getting them to the outdoor recycle bins can definitely impact the environment.

These are just a few of the ways you can plan a more eco-friendly memorial service. Eco-friendly can be very simple. The key is to be prepared by preplanning yours or your loved one’s burial memorial service. Hopefully, these ideas have provided a start to your brainstorming on how to plan an eco-friendly memorial service.


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    Taylor Bishop says

    Thanks for these tips for a memorial service. I didn’t know you could have a tree planted in memory of the deceased. I’m interested if the tree could be carved as a way to remind others why the tree was planted.

    • REPLY
      karissa says

      You’re welcome Taylor! A plaque could absolutely be made to show who the tree is dedicated to. It would be a great way for any family and friends to be able to visit the tree and remember their loved one.

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