The 5 Most Important Things To Do Before the Funeral May 2, 2018

Your loved one has passed away. You are grieving. You are remembering their life. Now, you must face the responsibility of planning a funeral.  Here are 5 critical items you need to do before the funeral.

  1. Inform the authorities. If the death occurs at home or somewhere other than a hospital, it is imperative that you inform the authorities. Call your local emergency number. 911 is for emergencies, however, there are usually phone numbers that are non-critical emergencies staffed that would be better than calling 911. You can also call the county coroner’s office.

2. Inform family and friends. Depending on the person who has passed away this can be a huge task. Ask for help. Giving one person the assignment to contact family and another the assignment to contact friends is one way to get this completed efficiently.

3. Contact your funeral director of choice. Decide if and when you will have a memorial service and where when the burial ceremony will take place.

4. Write an obituary and send it to your local papers. Many times your funeral home will help you do this. Make sure to submit the obituary to papers as soon as funeral arrangements have been made.

5. Create a file for all paperwork associated with the death. Details are important and stress can cause us to forget particulars we normally would remember. Error on the side of writing too much down rather than trying to limit your notes.


These 5 areas are of paramount importance in the time after death and prior to the funeral or memorial service. There are a multitude of decisions that will need to be made after the death of a loved one. Knowing these 5 items will help guide you through the immediate hours and days after your loved one passes away.

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