7 Ways to Remember a Deceased Loved One at a Wedding July 18, 2018

I was at a wedding for my favorite niece when I noticed a special table set aside for the guestbook. I went over intending to quickly write my name and the essentials when I was startled by the beautiful display set up on the table to remember her grandfather. His picture was prominently set beside the guestbook. Some knickknacks representing interests of his were also on the table. In addition, my niece had written a short note about how important her grandpa was and how she wished he could be with her on this special day. It was a very poignant moment for me. I was a little uncomfortable, yet, so glad she remembered her grandpa this way. It was very honoring.


Many people now find special ways to include a deceased loved one at their wedding. This is a newer tradition in wedding planning and is a moving tribute for many of the family members as they also are missing this person. The example discussed above is one way you can remember your loved one at your wedding. Here are 6 other ways to honor your deceased loved one and invite him or her into your wedding.


Light a Candle

At the beginning of the service light a candle in memory of your deceased beloved. Include an explanation in the program.


Flower Bouquet

An alternative to to lighting a candle you can place a bouquet of flowers on the altar in honor of the loved one. You can also place a bouquet on a seat to represent their presence at the ceremony.


Heirloom Jewelry

A very personal and private way to remember a person is to wear a piece of jewelry in honor of your loved one to bring them to remembrance throughout the day.


Centerpiece Design

Design a centerpiece for the banquet tables that honor your loved one. I have seen this done using photos of the person, items that represent the person such as a favorite flower or one bride used her grandma’s  favorite color as part of her overall colors.


Speech Time

During the reception share a joke or funny memory related to the lost loved one. My personal favorite was a groom who told a handful of old-fashioned and politically incorrect jokes that his grandparents would have loved.


Donate to Charity

Finally, to honor an extremely private person, donating to his or her favorite charity is a wonderful way to remember that person during your wedding planning and ceremony. A simple, “A donation was given to _______ in memory of my grandma and in celebration of her impact in my life” in the program tells the story of that person’s importance in your life.


These are just a few ways you can remember someone at a wedding. There are countless ways you can include your loved one. The more personal to you and the deceased person, the more meaningful it will be for you on your wedding day.

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