Music Playlist for The Grieving Heart September 12, 2018

Music Playlist for the Grieving Heart

When you are sad and the grief of your loss is hitting hard, sometimes you just need to grab a comfy blanket, a box of tissues and a playlist of sad songs. There is just something special about hearing those sad ballads that speak to every feeling we just can’t seem to process.


Music Mesterolone has the ability to affect us profoundly. Studies show that music has the ability to change your mood, your memory and even helps make you smarter.  If you have dealt with trauma, your spirits are down or you are in full blown grief mode, music has a way of saying everything we can’t say. Listening to a song can create that universality to know that we are not alone in our pain.


Some music is comforting and makes you feel as though there is hope for the future.  Other music just feels like it commiserates with you and reminds you that others have been where you are at. Some songs may bring you to a place of total break down. Tears, sobbing, you really feel the depths of your pain.  Each of these can be very cleansing.

Music Playlist for The Mourner

Here we have created a playlist of a variety of songs that can really speak to your grief:

Tears In Heaven Eric Clapton

See you Again Wiz Khalifa (feat Charlie Puth)

Angel Sarah McLachlan

This Woman’s Work -Maxwell

Supermarket Flowers -Ed Sheeran

Homesick – Mercy Me

Somewhere over the Rainbow -Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

Jealous of the Angels -Donna Taggart

Heaven -Beyonce

So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday-Boyz II Men

Just Be Held -Casting Crowns

One Sweet Day -Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men

Remember Me -Miguel and Natalia Lafourcade

Dear Mama – 2pac Album version (edited)

Michael Jackson Gone too soon


It is no secret that everyone experiences grief differently. The way people grieve even changes at different stages of the process.  For some listening to music becomes too painful right away but in the future it may feel good to sit and cry it out to the tune of these sad songs.  In the same way that our grief looks differently so does taste in music. Some of the songs above may not hit you in the same way. Go out and scout the music apps for songs and create your own playlist for those days that you just want to let the music speak for you.


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