Frequently Asked Questions on Advance Funeral Planning September 26, 2018


Interested in learning more about advance funeral planning or preplanning a funeral? Here are just a few of our frequently asked questions, along with their answers.


  1. Your family purchases a cemetery plot directly from the cemetery of your choice.
  2. A burial most often requires a vault or grave liner
  3. Opening/Closing of the grave is generally not included in the purchase price of the cemetery plot


  1. Stone structures built above ground such as a mausoleum
  2. Most likely a more expensive option


  1. The body is placed in a rigid cremation container
  2. Intense heat will reduce the body form to bone fragments

Legal Requirements

  1. Written approval of the coroner or medical examiner is required
  2. A permit from a local registrar of vital statistics is required
  3. Written permission from the next of kin is required
  4. Local laws determine whether cremated remains may be scattered

Is it the process of chemically treating the dead human body to deduce the presence and growth of organisms, to retard organic decomposition and to restore the body to an acceptable physical appearance. At a minimum, verbal permission is necessary from the next of kin, or a representative of the family to proceed with embalming. Written authorization will be obtained during the arrangements. Minnesota Law requires embalming if:

  • The cause of death is one of the 43 communicable diseases listed by the MN State Health Dept
  • The Burial or final disposition will occur more than 72 hours after death
  • The body is to be transported within the state and will arrive at its final destination more than 18 hours after the time of death
  • The body is to be transported across the state line

You may not care what happens to you after death. However, your family or next of kin will have to assume the responsibility of celebrating the life you lived and disposing of you body. You will be making their job harder and asking them to pay a premium price to dispose of your body is you do not discuss it now. This is regardless of the services they may or may not choose. If you do have a preference towards earth burial, entombment or cremation, how is your family going to know?

Life insurance aptly named, is for the living. It is often intended to create a source of money for the surviving family. These funds may be annuitized or cashed in to help families settle additional living expenses. Funeral funding uses policies specifically created for funeral service and often times these are the most economical vehicles.

Nothing! There is never a cost or obligation.

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