The Natural Order of a Funeral | Planning and Celebrating a Loved One’s Life October 3, 2018

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We have put together a small, informational guide about the suggested order of a funeral service. Please be aware that this is just a guide and there is always flexibility. Often times, families want to incorporate special tributes into the service. The funeral service order is also dependent on the religious beliefs of the deceased and if they had voiced any desires for their funeral service before their passing. Willwerscheid believes that every person has a story to tell and we want to help you tell that story in whatever way you feel is most genuine to your loved one.

The Visitation or Gathering of Friends and Family
The visitation offers family and friends to gather together and pay their respects to the immediate family. It provides an opportunity to reflect on the life of the loved one lost. The visitation can be held the day prior to the funeral service or the day of the service. If requested, the visitation or additional visitation time can also be held hours before the funeral service begins.

The Funeral Service or Memorial Service
The service can take place in many locations, including a church or at the funeral home, whichever is the preference of the family. We are always here to assist and work with the clergy members of the church or celebrants to ensure the funeral runs smoothly. We want to be of great assistance to the family as they work through the struggle of losing their loved one.

It is the preference of the family if there will be a burial service in the cemetery and if it will be private, only for family members. The family and loved ones will gather at the cemetery. The service at the cemetery is a continuation of the funeral service. This time at the place of final disposition will have a lasting and important effect on the family. These moments can be very difficult and we want to ensure you that our staff is here for support and comfort at these difficult moments.

The funeral service is a time of reflection and remembrance. We want to provide the best guidance and assistance for your family. We want to help you work through this challenging time in your life. Please contact us today should you have any questions about planning a funeral. We look forward to telling the unique story of your loved one.

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