Writing a Letter to My Grief October 24, 2018

Writing a Letter to my Grief

Writing a letter to your grief can be a good way to express your feelings about it as if it was a living thing.  Grief has its benefits and downfalls. Writing this letter might help you discover that there is purpose in grief but there is also places where you need to draw the line with it.  

The following is an example letter written to grief:


Dear Grief,

You make me feel so sad, so alone.  I feel that no one knows my pain. No one understand what I have lost.  Sometimes I just want to sit and wallow in you. I want the world to know that you are here and that you won’t just leave me alone. I am tormented by you. Sometimes I can’t sleep, sometimes I can’t eat. I feel that you won’t let me enjoy anything because as soon as I start to smile there you are at my doorstep once again.  I try to avoid you because I know I have a million things to get done and so many other people to take care of, but you always find me. You drag me down until I have accomplished nothing and all I have done is think of you. I wonder if you will ever leave me. Will there ever be a day that your cloud does not follow me around waiting to pour down on me.  

Some days I know I need to just walk away from you. I know that there is more out there, but I find comfort in you because being happy and joyful and hopeful just doesn’t seem right.  Some days I embrace you and let you live with me and let you walk beside me because I know you and only you know my pain. You let me feel all that I feel without holding back.

Just when I believe you have left me you pop up, sometimes right on time and others at exactly the wrong time.  As time passes you visit me less but when you do, it pours down just the same as the first time. Grief, you are like an old friend at times that I just need to visit and other times I don’t want to be seen by you.  I find that you are there whenever I need you and sometimes you come when you are not invited.

Well, Grief it’s been awhile. I hope that I will not need you anytime soon but if I do I will know where to find you.



The Griever

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