Grieving After the Holidays December 27, 2018

Grief After the Holidays

Losing a life of someone dear around the holidays isn’t really that much different from any other time. The obvious exception to the rule is that the holidays are meant to be a time for joy for everyone, and you may not be experiencing that same joy. While those around you were delighting in a thoughtful gift given or in the smile of a child, those who are grieving may be lost in thoughts of their beloved.


Holidays can be a welcome distraction from grief

For some who were grieving this holiday season, the activity and constant scurry of people were a welcome distraction to grief. They were able to put their grief aside, laugh with family and friends and enjoy their revelry. Those close to you may have acknowledged your grief, but then everyone moved on as if nothing terrible has happened.


Now that Christmas is over, time seems to slow down again. Those quiet moments are longer and the grief is nearer. The fast pace hustle of the season fades, and visiting friends and family go back to business as usual, leaving you feeling alone with your grief.


Grief support services for after the Holidays

This can often leave you experiencing a tidal wave of grief in the vacuum of the holiday season, but you don’t have to go through this alone. Below we’ve provided some of our resources which we hope will provide you with some ways to  manage your grief.



We hope you find these resources helpful. If you have any questions about funeral planning or grief, please give us a call or send us a message. Every grief journey is different, so be patient with yourself and reach out to find the help you may need.

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