How to Write SMART Goals January 10, 2019

Write Smart Goals

Last week on the blog, we discussed why writing your goals down makes a big difference in actually achieving them. Make sure to go back and read it! This week, we will be talking about how to write SMART goals.


Have you heard about SMART goals? It is a simple system that helps you take the goals you already have and write them in a way that makes it possible for you to actually achieve them. Let’s get right to it and use some of the examples from last week’s goals.


How to Write SMART Goals



Bring clarity to your goals by being as specific as possible.

Wrong Example: I will start journaling

Right Example: I will start journaling every morning after I have my cup of coffee.



You need to be able to measure your goal to see if you have achieved it. Find a way to make your goal measurable.

Wrong Example: I will preplan my funeral

Right Example: I will schedule my appointment with Willwerscheid Funeral to preplan my funeral by January 31st


Action Oriented:

It is helpful to use action verbs when setting goals. Use words like reduce, save, earn, walk, read, etc.

Wrong Example: Reach out to a friend to talk

Right Example: I will call my friend(s) once a week to stay connected



Make sure your goals are not too big. You want to set goals that it is possible for you to achieve, not set yourself up for failure. Take the time to find the right goal which will stretch and grow you but won’t break you.

Wrong Example: Lose 50 pounds as soon as possible

Right Example: I will lose 6 pounds in one month, starting today



Having a clear understanding of your deadline will help you stay motivated. Keep in mind that a time frame that is too short or too long for your goal will be discouraging. Find the balance between giving yourself too much time or too little time to complete a goal.

Wrong Example: Get a promotion at work in one month

Right Example: I will increase my performance by 15% and then schedule a meeting with my boss to ask for a pay raise


There you have a clear and helpful way to write SMART goals that you can actually achieve. Keep your goals specific, measurable, action oriented, realistic and have a timeline. Bonus tip: schedule time with yourself to review your goals monthly or quarterly. This will help remind you of your goals and to start working on them again if you have fallen off the bandwagon. If you follow these steps, you will be much more likely to achieve your goals.

One of your goals for this year could be preplanning a funeral. Willwerscheid Funeral and Cremation would love to help you achieve your goals this year. To start the process, all you need to do is fill out our quick and simple preplanning form. It’ a noble goal to set, and one that you can absolutely achieve this year! It’s time to get started.

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