Grieving During the Winter January 17, 2019

Grieving During the Winter

The winter season brings many changes in regards to the weather. Especially to those who have the privilege of living in the upper Midwest. Sometimes we are referred to as “The Bold North” or “The Frozen Tundra”. The weather around here has extreme changes; from glorious sunny days drifting around the lake to arctic blasts that make the skin on your face cry out in pain. Even the most outdoorsy adventurers must stay behind closed doors when the winter weather comes with a vengeance. Grieving during the winter can be extra laborious.

The struggle is even more “real” when grief comes during those long winter months. Grief comes in many forms. Many experience grief just trying to make it through the winter. When dealing with the death of a loved one during the winter, the already dark and dreary days feel heavier and longer than ever. Waking up may become the hardest part of the day. When we are in the midst of our grief the cold weather can make the decision to wallow in our grief a necessity.

Some of those wintry days, it can be healthy to indulge in the “blah”. Stay in bed as long as you want. Cry about all the things that you loved about the person; cry about all the times you won’t get to spend with them. Shake your fist in the air about why they had to leave you too soon. Whether you’re grieving during the winter or in any season, there is a time for fully wallow in these feelings.

Find Beauty in the Season

There also is a time to find the beauty in the season, both in weather and your grief. During the winter sometimes it feels that day after day there is not a glimpse of sunshine. Just when you are not sure you can take it anymore, often that is when the sun peeks out from the clouds. Yes there really is beauty in the winter and there can be in grief too. The snow and ice sparkle on the trees, children run and play as they build snowmen and sled down hills of soft white snow. Grief can be the same. Your time of mourning can bring you closer to new or old friends. You might discover how strong you actually are through all the pain. Or you may find a new favorite craft that sparks joy in your time of grief. Take hold of those small beauties and treasure them.

Enjoy activities that excite your interest. Maybe even take on a hobby your loved one had that you can carry on in remembrance of them. Break out the snow shoes and hike through the trees and take in all the beauty of nature your loved one appreciated so much. Wrap a present and give it to someone in need and label it from the loved one that you lost. Their presence can still be known and carried on through you.

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Just as the winter days eventually turn warmer and new signs of life and hope emerge so will the grief you feel find sunnier days. Spring is coming. The sun does come out again.

How have you dealt with grieving during the winter months? Do you have helpful insight that you can share with others? Share in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!

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