6 Ways Introverts Can Grieve January 31, 2019

Introverts Can Grieve

After a hard week of work some people want nothing more than to throw off their work clothes, change into something fancy and hit the town. Dancing with friends and talking to their heart’s content; this is what fuels some and lets the anxiety of work melt away. For others that very scenario would create panic and stress.

For those that often fall into the category of being an introvert, refueling on the weekend looks much different. When work is done they may want nothing more than to slip into some comfortable clothes and cozy up with a good book. Maybe take a walk out in nature (but not in sub zero temperatures). Or have an hour conversation with a close friend. Just as we refuel differently in accordance to our personality, we also grieve uniquely. Whether you are experiencing grief of your own or standing along a friend who is grieving, here are some ways that introverts can grieve in a way that will help lead to healing.

6 Ways Introverts Can Grieve

1. Spend time alone. Closing the door and read a book that takes you to a whole other world. It will allow your mind a respite from your pain to look into the lives of the characters.

2. Write out all your feelings and everything you are struggling with. First, write anything and everything you are thinking good, bad and in between. Then read back over it and reflect on all that you are experiencing. Writing is a safe place where can feel anything without judgement. After you have finished you can save it to read later to see how far you have come. Or you can rip it up and throw it away.

3. Listen to music that explains the way you are feeling. Music has a way of touching the parts of a soul other things cannot. Certain lyrics can express all that you are feeling without having to verbalize it. Need a playlist for the griever? Check out our post “Music Playlist for The Grieving Heart.

4. Another option is to invite a trusted friend over and just chat one on one. Many introverts enjoy conversation but prefer one person who they trust rather than a larger group. You can talk through your grief or even talk about other things to keep your mind positive.

5. Take a walk out in nature. When we’ve lost someone, reflecting on the beauty of life expressed in nature can be healing. It reminds us that even though things are no longer living, they have been a major component in producing all that is alive and beautiful in nature. In the same way, you can carry on your loved ones legacy throughout your life.

6. Finally, use your favorite form of creativity. Taking photos, paint something, write a piece of music. Often times the most innovative creations are birthed out of grief and pain. Hard times stir up areas of the soul that are more passionate and have more depth. Use this time to write some lyrics or paint a picture that expresses all that you can’t or don’t want to say.

These are just a few ways that introverts can grieve. So whether you are looking for ways for yourself to deal with grief or a friend, try some of these. You may find they are just the right medicine.

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