3 Tips for Preplanning as a Procrastinator February 21, 2019

Preplanning as a procrastinator

When someone has died, it becomes someone else’s responsibility to take care of the funeral plans. There are many tough decisions that go along with planning a funeral.  Will it take place in a church or out in nature? Will there be a viewing or an open casket or will they be cremated? There are so many sensitive details that need to be decided.  Some of the most tension with family members is related to answering these questions.

If the deceased has preplanned their funeral, all of those questions can be answered and the burden is taken off the grieving family members. When preplanning a funeral is done well, every question and concern that would cause any conflict can be taken care of and the funeral can go as the deceased desired.

Preplanning as a Procrastinator

Here are 3 tips for preplanning as a procrastinator and the follow up for each one to make your plan come to life.

1. Type of Service

One of the most important things to do is to decide what type of service you want.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Would I prefer be burial or a cremation
  • Will there be a service before the burial or cremation
  • Will the service be in a church or at the burial site
  • If cremation is wanted, will the ashes be buried or spread somewhere
  • Will there be a viewing before the service
  • Finally, would I like to have a memorial service after the burial or cremation

2. Decide on the “Who”

Who are the special people you would like to be involved in the service?

Next, ask yourself some questions:

  • First, will my religious traditions be involved in the service?
  • Who will officiate the funeral service?
  • Think about who will speak at my service. Who are my first 3 choices?
  • Who will give the eulogy?
  • Is there someone special who will read scriptures, poems or music?
  • Who will the pallbearers be if being burial is chosen?
  • Who would spread the ashes if cremated?

3. Adminstrative Items

Finally, what other administrative things can be prepared beforehand?

Get some things together:

  • Gather a list including contact info for any clubs, businesses or organizations to be notified and invited.
  • Put together a list that includes contact info for any family members or friends to be contacted, notified and/or invited to attend the service or funeral
  • Decide if there is a charity or organization you would like people to donate to in memory of you.

In conclusion, preplanning as a procrastinator is possible, even preplanning a funeral. This can save so much turmoil and questioning in an already tough time. The better you pre-plan your own funeral the more your family will know that they are honoring you. Start your preplanning with Willwerscheid Funeral so you can make death just a tiny bit easier.

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