Four Reasons Planning Your Own Funeral Will Put Your Mind At Ease February 28, 2019

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There are many reasons why planning your own funeral while you have the time, will put your mind at ease. Today we will discuss just 4 of the reasons preplanning is a good choice for you.

Done Your Way

1. Ensure your wishes for your funeral or memorial service, burial and other details are carried out.
While we may not have thought about this before, you will want to reflect about what type of services you want. Where should the services be, what do you want them to look like, sound like, and who do you want to be there? These are just a starting point of things to ponder as you pre-plan.

Save Your Family Grief

2. Save your family from having to make difficult decisions in their time of grief.
There will always be grief and heartache after a death. Your friends and family will be relieved to know that they will not have to make hard decisions while they’re grieving a loss. What a gift it would be to allow them to take the needed time to remember you without having to deal with additional planning stress.

Prevent Family Disagreements

3. Prevent family squabbles and speculation about your wishes.
The last thing you will want after you pass away is for your family to be arguing. By pre-planning, you will be able to greatly reduce the stress of loved ones having to make guesses about what you would have preferred for your services.   Pre-planning instead will allow you to gather with your family proactively to discuss your wishes for your services and reflect on what life stories are most important to you and your family.

Pay Less in Advance

4. Pay for funeral services in advance.
Having your funeral services paid for in advance is just another burden off of you and your family. Make sure to work with a trusted funeral home to ensure your wishes will be met and your pre-planning contract is consistent with the guidelines provided by the National Funeral Directors Association.

Once you’ve started thinking about pre-planning your funeral, it’s time to contact a reliable funeral home to work with. Check out the many trusted resources Willwerscheid Funeral Home offers and contact us for more information about pre-planning. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

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