5 Ways to Plan a Natural Burial March 14, 2019

5 Ways to Plan a Natural Burial

Do you want to have the funeral you desire? Do you want to prepare things in advance and take the burden off of your loved ones who will be mourning their loss of you.  Pre-planning your own funeral will allow all of this to be taken care of. Not only will you get your desires fulfilled after death, you can also continue to love and protect the hearts of your loved ones as well.  During the pre-planning process you must ask yourself if having a environment-friendly, cleaner, greener, natural burial is important to you.

Much of the recent scientific research shows how chemicals we use every day can have negative side effects. Many are now using natural alternatives to these everyday chemicals. This decreases negative impacts on both humans and the earth. Burial is no different. Many of the chemicals used in the preservation and embalming of bodies after death can be replaced by methods that are more environmentally friendly.

Here are five ways to plan a greener funeral and the benefits that go along with it.

Natural Burial Grounds

Find a cemetery that offers separate grounds for a natural burial.  Natural burial grounds will be more natural and more forest like. The maintenance of these burial ground takes less which also help to have less impact on the environment.

Alternative Burial Vessels

Look into being buried in a shroud, a biodegradable burial suit, or natural casket.  This allows for less waste in the earth and additionally, it can save thousands of dollars in place of buying an expensive casket.

Choose a Different Grave Marker

Plant a tree or other plant or use natural stone as a marker for the grave sight.  Not only will this lend itself to the natural look of the burial site but it will also be much less expensive than a traditional gravestone.

Skip the Viewing

Plan for a memorial service that does not include a viewing.  Many chemicals and preservatives must be used to keep a deceased body looking “good” enough for people to view possibly days after passing.  To avoid not only the cost but the environmental impact forgo the preservation and go straight to burial.

Choose Natural Burial

Exchange a cremation for a natural burial. Cremation can be less expensive and allows for more freedom in regards to the timing of a memorial service and where the ashes will spread. But cremation does still require a lot of energy to complete and some are concerned with the release of chemicals into the environment during the process. Choosing a natural burial is another way to have a greener funeral.

These are a few things to consider when pre-planning for a green funeral. For further resources head to  Willwerscheid Funeral Home’s Natural Burial section, where they have the solution for all your pre-planning and natural burial needs.

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