Gaming to Cope with Grief April 25, 2019

Gaming and Grief

My husband is not a very openly emotional person. He rarely talks about his feelings or reaches out for much emotional support.  Over the years I have started to be able to decipher his feelings about things when he goes straight to playing video games. Sure most of the time it is pure entertainment or just simple escape from the rigors of work or everyday life. When he is upset about something he tends to zone out and get some of his frustration out by playing his game.  After he spent some time in his own little “game” world he feels better.


This may be true for any gamer whether it is video games or simply strategy games.  Sometimes it is nice to escape reality and enjoy a world that they can control. The same concept holds true for anyone who uses gaming as a coping mechanism for dealing with pain and grief.  

Gaming and Grief

There are all sorts of games at our fingertips with all the different forms of technology that we use on a daily basis.  Video games have such real life graphics and so many options for the type of adventure or challenge that you want to take on.  More and more people are using games as a possible coping mechanism or distraction from their grief. Some games even send you on adventures who story lines deal with grief and loss.


When your grief brings you to a place that it feels it is hard to escape. If you feel like your mind needs a rest from the agonizing or overthinking of all the pain felt after losing someone important you may be able to slip away into the world of a video game.  

Keep Gaming and Grief Healthy

Granted playing games and not dealing with the emotions long term is not healthy and should certainly be dealt with.  If you continue to struggle make sure that you reach out for the support that you need. If you just need a night to get away from your thoughts, jump into a game and maybe it will help you experience freedom and control that you may not be experiencing as you sort through the pain of your loss.  There are many different types of games that many find calming and low intensity when you are feeling down and do not want to do a lot of thinking. There are also more intense games that may help you take out some of your fear and anger in relation to your loss.


Playing games can be a simple escape when you just need something to keep your mind off of your grief for a little while.  Using games to avoid feelings and not deal with them long term is not healthy. Join a grief support group if you need to talk to someone. As long as you are using it in a healthy way, jumping into the game world can certainly give you a little break from reality even for just a little while.

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