Planning My Own Funeral May 30, 2019

My Funeral

It is kind of an ominous feeling when you plan your own funeral. It almost seems if to do so would be speaking your impending death into existence.  Especially at my age, I am 36 years old and quite frankly have not yet decided that I am going to die. As we all know, I do not get to decide that. Despite my current vision of longevity, I will die someday and I do not know when.  I’d prefer to think that if you’re above 75 you can make plans for when your time comes. But I have many more decades of problems to solve, love and heartbreak, raising teenagers and spoiling future grandchildren to do. Or do I? The reality is that you can never know and being prepared for anything can create a confidence in the future whatever is to come.  

Yes I see many family vacations, homework study sessions with my kids, telling my daughter that she can not leave my house in that outfit, reminding my children how special they are when others reject them. I see it all ahead of me. I am young, healthy and hopeful. Reality tells me though that things could change at any moment. Pre-planning my funeral and even my “life” after my death could be a game changer if something out of my vision was to occur.  If I get to see all stages of life and live to a ripe old age I will also benefit because the plan I have created has been a grand buffet of all that has been important to me.

My Future Funeral

So when that day comes, whether near or far this is what I would like to look down on from my perch high above in heaven, (because surely I will be there) and see.  

I know that I would like to be cremated because I have always been a private person and the thought of people looking at my lifeless body and crying over it just does not fit me.  More importantly, at that point I know that my soul will have left my body and the body at that point is nothing more than an empty vessel that once carried my soul. I would like the option for those that loved me to be able to use a piece of my remains to make a necklace or some other work of art. I know that some people do not find that appealing, but I want them to know that I would be ok with that.  

Funeral Service

As for the service that I would like to have, I want all my loved ones to be there. I want the focus to be the way in which I lived and how I impacted and loved those around me. I would like to play the song “Here Comes Heaven” by Elevation Worship. I chose this song because it speaks of hope and gives a feeling of heaven and will hopefully give peace to those who will miss me.  

I would like to have a variety of colors of tulips because that is my favorite flower and reminds me of my dutch heritage. I would love for any memorial service to be held outside for all to the see the beauty in nature. When you’re surrounded by nature you’re also able to appreciate the beautiful cycle of life and death.  

My Prayer

I would like this prayer to be spoken over all that came to celebrate my life and loved me:

“I am loved, called and chosen, I am rich in every way and generous on every occasion. I am anointed, appointed equipped and enabled by the power of God who works mightily within me. No weapon formed against me shall prosper, no enemy scheme shall succeed. I live, breath and serve powerfully under the shelter of the most high God.”  

I hope that I will live out this prayer. I want all whom I have loved and those who have loved me to also live life in such a way.

If I am so blessed to be on this earth for a long time, I will surely the plans I have made so they fit what I have learned in life.  Pre-planning a funeral no matter your age can help establish the legacy you hope to carry on and motivate you to live in such a way that you will be proud of the funeral that is given in your honor.

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