Coronavirus- Grief and Anxiety during a National Emergency March 19, 2020

Coronavirus grief

Grief and anxiety during a national emergency. 

The outbreak of the Covid-19, otherwise known as the Coronavirus has taken the world and is turning it upside down. It has been repeated over again, “these are unprecedented times”. The United States has joined the list of countries who are experiencing a national emergency. Never in my lifetime have we seen such a disruption to our daily lives.  In the US, it seems we watch these types of crises from a distance and think that it will not reach us. The Coronavirus has ripped away that sense of security and it is standing at our front door. It is far reaching, the Coronavirus grief.

Coronavirus Creates National Emergency

The arrival of the Coronavirus has pushed us as a nation to take extreme “unprecedented” measures to protect the citizens of this country and the World over. Schools and businesses of all kinds are closed.  Stores cannot keep the essentials stocked as anxiety takes over and people hoard products in an act of exerting some control in a situation completely out of our control.  


Grief and anxiety about the Coronavirus

During these uncertain times many are experiencing grief and anxiety. Some are dealing with grief associated with losing a loved one to the Coronavirus. This feeling of grief is multiplied when also maneuvering your way through a world that looks much different than it did just weeks ago.  Are you grieving a loss from the Coronavirus? Are you feeling grief and anxiety about an uncertain future in the midst of this national emergency? 

Proactive ways to handle grief and anxiety during this national emergency.


  • Be sure to have emotional support. Especially as we have been asked to practice “social distancing”.  Make sure that you have someone to talk with about your concerns. Even if just through phone calls or text messages. 
  • Create boundaries in regards to how much media you consume. Listening to the news all day can contribute to higher levels of grief and anxiety. 
  • Educate yourself on the Coronavirus enough to take the proper precautions. The more prepared you are the less anxiety you will experience. Reference sources such as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention or The World Health Organization
  • You are not alone– if there is one thing that breeds grief and anxiety it is isolation.  Groups may not be able to meet physically. Now more than ever the entire world is in this together.  Find comfort that you are truly not alone in this.
  • Use this time to recharge. If you must be at home use that time to relax your mind. There are many different mindfulness apps and resources to help escape the grief and anxiety. Learn how to mediate and take your mind off of the uncertainty of the current state of the world. 


Coronavirus- This too shall pass

While this national emergency may cause grief and anxiety. Resolve to be resilient and know that ‘’this too shall pass”. The world may look a little different but it will go on.  We will recover as we remember all that is lost, but also all that is gained. The worst circumstances have a way of bringing people together.

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