Funerals During a Pandemic March 26, 2020

Funeral during Pandemic

Funerals During a Pandemic


The global pandemic has the  world sailing in uncharted waters. Social distancing has become the buzz phrase of the moment.  In order to slow the spread of the “coronavirus” unprecedented action is being taken. As we speak we are living in what will someday be a lesson in a history book. The impact of this virus and the pandemic it has created is far reaching.  There is so much uncertainty in the world right now. Things change in a matter of hours or even minutes.  Planning a funeral during a pandemic can be a challenge.


Death waits for no Pandemic

With all the uncertainty and events that have been canceled, there is one thing that remains the same. Death. Death cannot be put on pause or postponed to a later date when it is more convenient.  When it is your time, death waits for nobody. It cares not that we are experiencing a global pandemic.  We are not supposed to be in groups of more than 10 people death cares not. Death comes whether or not it is a “good time”. 

Pandemic Changes how we live. 

Many boundaries have been placed on us as a nation during this pandemic.  “Social distancing” has become the new normal. Staying 6ft away from anyone in public is the standard thought on how to avoid the spread of the virus.  As we go through this interesting time in life. Some are coming to the end of their lives. There have been deaths directly related to coronavirus and deaths from natural causes.  

Story of Loss During the Pandemic

A leader of a non-profit organization is out in the streets of Chicago during the pandemic. Each day he makes care packages and delivers them to elderly folks who can not come out. He has been risking his own health to come to the aid of others. In the midst of his service to the community his grandmother died unexpectedly. Many love this woman. She is the backbone of her family and community.  Hundreds of people would like to celebrate her life and come together to grieve their loss. Right now that is not possible. It is not going to happen. So how do you adjust funeral plans during a pandemic to fit the restrictions and still honor the deceased.  


How to Plan a Funeral During a Pandemic

  •  Construct a list of less than 10 people who will take part in the memorial in person.  Check the restrictions in your area in regards to “social distancing”. They are different depending on where you live. Follow the local guidelines.
  • If the funeral is pre-planned go through the plans and make note of everything that may need to be adjusted. The rules in place during the Pandemic may make it harder or impossible to follow through with some of their plans.
  • Access an app such as zoom or use other streaming capabilities to connect with loved ones who can not be there in person.  This will allow for those who would have attended to still be a part of the service and be able to grieve together. 
  • Create a program send to friends and family electronically. 
  • Create a group online via facebook or some other medium that will allow people to write memories. They can post pictures with the loved one.  Write a letter to tell them how much the love them. It is a great place to share their feelings on the death.  This will allow people to grieve together even though they may not be able to be in each other’s presence.  

Post Pandemic Funeral Plans

There is so much that goes into planning funerals. During a time that has so many unexpected restrictions some comprises will be made.   Create the best memorial to honor your loved one. These steps are a great way to start. The virus will eventually be a thing of the past and we will go back to connecting with friends and family. When that day comes you can plan a giant celebration of their life.


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