Virtual Grief Support When You Must “Stay at Home” April 2, 2020

Stay Home

“Staying home” does not need to mean being alone in your grief.

It’s a whole new world out there right now. The rapid spread of the coronavirus has literally sent us to our rooms.  We are being asked to “stay at home” to protect the health and safety of our community, especially those who are at higher risk. 

Grief Support When you must stay home.

Dealing with your own personal grief in the midst of such chaos is a feat on it’s own. Some of us are “staying home” with a house full of family members. Children are home from school, many of us are working from home or just home not working at all.  For others “staying home” means being alone. Sitting alone with grief is one of the hardest things to do. Isolation has the power to morph our grief into a multitude of intimidating monsters. Isolation breeds addiction and fear. 


“Staying at home” but Staying Connected to Deal with Grief

The good news is that the world is connected like no other time in history. Learning new information, connecting through social media or chatting with a friend face to face. It is all at our fingertips. If you are alone and grieving. You do not have to be alone in your grief. There are a lot of really useful apps and other digital resources to help us in our grief. The great thing is that you do not have to leave your house to access them.  


 5 Online Resources to Help Deal with Grief While “Staying at Home”.



    TalkSpace is virtual counseling. Counseling on TalkSpace typically takes place through text message. It is a more affordable and convenient way to connect with a licensed therapist whenever your grief is bringing you down. According to their website “TalkSpace makes therapy available and affordable for all. Our mission is to provide more people with convenient access to licensed therapists who can help those in need live a happier and healthier life.”


  1. My Grief Angel, Inc is a non-profit grief support and education service online. My grief Angel connects people who have similar experiences to walk alongside each other as they process grief. This website is a wealth of materials that can help anyone as they work through grief toward healing.  The My Grief Angel app is great to access anywhere, especially when you are stuck at home, and it’s free.


    -This is an app that guides you through meditation and mindfulness practices.  While dealing with potential isolation and grief meditation is known to help reduce stress and recenter.  Along with meditation, being mindful can help reshape your thoughts to be more healthy and healing.  This app has a variety of options to get you started or back on track with meditation.  

  1. Journey: Diary, Journal-

    When you have to “stay at home” and you’re experiencing grief, it can hit at any moment. A great way to just dump all those feelings out without concern about what someone else may think is to journal. This journal app makes writing your thoughts easy. It has different features that allow you to be creative or simply gives a space to unload the grief. This app is a great resource to deal with grief while you “stay home”.


  1. GOODGRIEF app- This is a social networking app where people who are grieving can meet. It allows users to privately connect with each other and chat and support each other. You answer questions in relation to your own loss and grief and then will match you with someone to chat with based on your needs.  


Grief Support at home

Experiencing grief while having to “socially isolate” and stay home can compound the feelings of loneliness.  Staying connected online can help to know that you are not alone in this. There are so many people out there who want to connect with you and help you to heal. Remember if you are alone and grieving you don’t have to be alone in your grief. 


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