End-of-Life Pre-Planning During Unpredictable Times April 9, 2020

Pre-planning end of life

Life is Unpredictable. Pre-Planning for “End of Life” Creates Security.


What will happen when you die? Will the survivors know what you want for your funeral? Think about it.  If you died today would you leave your loved ones with a puzzle to put together that has missing pieces. There is no better time than the present to create an end of life plan. As of late we have been inundated with the current statistics on those who have tested positive for and even worse died from the coronavirus. This has some of us thinking about our own mortality. It is also a reminder that nobody knows when or how that day will come. So how about some more statistics?  What is the human mortality rate? 100%! There are so many unknowns in life and one thing that is a guarantee for every living thing is their eventual death. 


NOW is the Time to Start Pre-Planning for the End of Life.


Many of you are sitting at home picking up some hobbies. Maybe a craft or project here or there. Why not use this time to give yourself and your family a gift. The gift of pre-planning.  Just weeks ago many of us could not have imagined being shut in at home while the whole world dealt with this Pandemic of epic proportions. It goes to show that we just do not know what the future holds. Dying is not just for the chronically ill and elderly. Scroll through any obit section and you will find that to be true. 

Over the next couple weeks I will go through some really helpful pieces from the book: You Only Die OncePreparing for the End of Life with Grace and Gusto Written by: Margie Jenkins


Failing to Pre-Plan is (pre)Planning to Fail

I am going to start with highlighting some of the problems caused by putting off Pre-planning

  • Survivors have to search high and low looking for information they need to make decisions at the time of death.
  • Family members not seeing eye-to-eye can result in long term conflicts.
  • Survivors emotional toll is increased when having to make rushed decisions.
  • Decisions may not be in line with my desires after death.
  • Forgoing pre-planning leads to unknown and unnecessary expenses which becomes a higher financial burden on loved ones.


Think about each of these potential problems caused by failing to Pre-Plan.  Read each one and apply it to your life. Whether a result of simple procrastination or even fear, how would it make you feel to know that your lack of pre-planning compounded the grief your family experienced after your death. The goal is not to create guilt but to bring light to what a gift it is to pre-plan for “End of life.”  Be a problem solver and get started on pre-planning today.


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