Pre Planning Funerals April 16, 2020

pre planning

Failure to Pre Plan is (pre) planning to fail. 


In last week’s blog I talked about problems caused when we don’t pre-plan for end-of-life. Feel free to jump back and read that post to get all the info. I will do a quick recap and then we will look at the benefits there are to pre-planning.


What will my funeral look like?


When I imagine my loved ones bereavement after I pass I visualize the tears and the sadness being  because I brought something of value to them and I hope that my legacy will be preserved through their thoughts and memories.  What I do not want to see is an increased amount of grief over the planning and implementation of my funeral and all the other intricacies that go along with death. I do not want to look down to see that my kids are fighting over the right way to bury me or perform a memorial service.  That is the biggest problem that comes along with failing to pre-plan for the end of your life; the increased amount of strain and uncertainty on family who are already grieving the loss.  


Death is  Guaranteed Pre-Plan for it


Where there are problems there are of course benefits or solutions.  Talking about and thinking about death is not usually on the top 10 lists of fun conversations to have although it is necessary.  Remember the human mortality rate is 100%. If we can guarantee nothing else, death is a guarantee for every living thing. Simply being prepared is the biggest and most obvious benefit to pre-planning. Haven’t you heard the saying, “Failure to plan is planning to fail.”  Here is a simple list of benefits to Pre-Planning for end-of-life.


Benefits to Pre-Planning


  • Making decisions before I die can save money for loved ones who have to manage everything in the wake of my death.
  • Pre-Planning will give me a sense of relief in knowing that I am not putting undue stress on my loved ones and allows me to live well knowing things will be organized when I die.
  •  My funeral and burial playing out according to my desires.
  • Gathering the information now and putting it together in one place will make it significantly easier for my loved ones after I pass.  
  •  It takes the burden off of my loved ones. It allows them to mourn me without additional stress or conflict when I have preplanned.


Hindsight is 20/20 they say.


Step into your future and picture the contrast in scenarios. On one side you see your loved ones after you have died without having pre-planned. They are trying to figure out who should manage everything. Disagreeing on how you should be buried. Searching for ways to pay for it all.  On the other side you see them, still mourning your death but everything has been pre-planned. Every bit of information they needed to manage your funeral was available. Every unanswered question is documented. Imagine this, payments have already been made! Which scenario do you want to be your story? 

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