The Ultimate Goodbye Party- Funeral Preplanning April 30, 2020


Getting Started: PrePlanning the Funeral you Desire


Are you still at home? 

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As time passes during the “safer at home” initiative there are so many things that we could, should or would get done. Really, though preplanning end of life decisions is a no-brainer.  Start small if you must, check back on previous blog posts for some great ways to get the ball rolling.  If you haven’t read those yet go back and learn the problems not having a preplan can cause along with the benefits. Then start collecting all the materials and paperwork needed to start a file where all of your important information will be located.


It’s your Funeral. Make it the Best Goodbye Party Ever!

Now let’s start talking, Goodbye Party! Right now having a large party with all your friends and family is a no-go but that does not mean you can’t plan one for the future.  What better way to leave your family with the legacy you desire and have a party to celebrate it.  I have heard countless number of times people comment on how they want their funeral to be positive and a celebration of life.  Here is your chance to inspire the mood at your own funeral. If you are a control freak how great is this, you get your way even after death.  


Funerals Should Be a Celebration of Life

All jokes aside there is no better gift to give your loved one than a preplanned funeral.  So grab a pen and paper, or like my 9th grade history teacher always said, grab a pen, pencil, crayon or something to write with. For you maybe it is an elaborate spreadsheet. Whatever works for you.  


Ask yourself these questions to get the conversation started. Ponder each one, take notes, discuss with your spouse or other loved ones who will be involved in your end of life decisions.


  1. Have you been to a funeral  before? What did you like about it, what did you not like about it?  Take note of anything that stood out to you that you may want to include in your funeral. Special songs or poems, verses or quotes.  
  2. Think of your loved ones and determine if there is anyone whom you would like help plan your “goodbye party” aka funeral. Maybe someone who shares a similar taste as you, or has a knack for organization and party planning. 
  3. What are some things you could do now to start planning?
  4. Don’t forget to make note of what you do not want.  This the best way to have all your desires fulfilled.
  5. What kind of reception would best honor you?  Think about location, religious traditions, even decor can be predetermined. 

These will help organize your thought process and allow you to create an outline for more in depth planning.  Remember there is no time like the present to preplan end-of-life decisions. The more prepared you are the easier it will be on the survivors.  The less they have to worry about the more they can focus on celebrating and remembering you.

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