Pandemic Perspective May 7, 2020

Seeing Life and Death from a New Perspective

Has life looked differently for you over the past 6 weeks? Some have been busier than ever trying to manage working on the front lines of the covid-19 pandemic.  Others find them self getting restless with little to do while we are asked to “stay at home”.  In some states things are starting to open back up and the “new normal” will reveal itself to us.  

In early March the news about a virus that is spreading through China started to ramp up. We live in a time in which media can pop up in our face from a multitude of sources at any given time.  It’s so easy to take a peek, say “oh that’s too bad for them, I can’t imagine dealing with that” and then switch it off or scroll to the next bit of information and not have to think about it again.  The phrase global pandemic had yet to be a part of our everyday vocabulary. Now 7 weeks in it is the headline for every news story.

Soon it became clear, this time it was different, before we knew it news of the NBA season being cancelled flooded the airwaves and things started to take a turn.  Now we can’t go to work, kids can not return to school and the way many of us were living our lives has changed drastically in an instant.  

How has the Pandemic Given you a new perspective?

Being forced to stop and slow down has given us an opportunity to create a new perspective on life. Our response to our current circumstances has a way of revealing what we truly value. 

 Any one of us could and likely will contract the Coronavirus. The wild thing is that nobody knows how they will respond when or if  they get it.  There is increased fear for the elderly population and people who have compromised immune systems or other risk factors. For these groups of people contracting the virus could be a matter of life or death.  For some it will be a short discomfort for others it will result in the end of their own life or the life of a loved one.  

Thinking of Death can teach us to LIVE while we are here.

So the question becomes what has the pandemic revealed to you?

 What do you value? Are you living your life according to those values? 

If today was your last day could you say that you lived in an awesome way?

Once again…..what are your values? Do you value health and wellness? If so, are you healthy and well? Or is there something lacking there?

What about relationship?  Are your important relationships in good standing? Are you waiting for the “right time” to communicate with someone?

Do you value patience and generosity? Are you being patient and generous?

These are hard questions to ask and may get different answers depending on when you ask them.  Nobody can be perfect all the time.  If you or a loved one had to do an audit on your life would the results show that you lived according to your values. Would you see that while you were here, whatever time that was, that you lived in an awesome way! If the answer is not a resounding YES, then why wait? Now is the time to start living the life of awesomeness you know you can!


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