What is Preplanning May 14, 2020

What is preplanning

One of the most common remarks that a funeral director hears is, “If they had only told us what they wanted”. Many families never discuss their final wishes because it is a difficult subject. Preplanning allows you to record your wishes for your final resting place and the type of service you would like.

What is Preplanning?

Through preplanning, we are able to help reduce the pain associated with the death of a loved one. Once you have completed the preplanning – giving your personal information, choosing your services, selecting the merchandise you prefer, and allocating an estimated sum for cash advance items, you are ready to put your funds to work for you. We will suggest one of two financial vehicles. In Minnesota, by law, we are able to use an irrevocable funeral trust or irrevocable funeral insurance plan. You can place an amount that equals or is less than your estimated funeral expenses.

Why should I care what happens to me after I have died?

You may not care what happens after your death. However, your family will have to assume the responsibility of making these tough decisions. You will be making their job harder and asking them to pay a premium price, if you do not discuss it now. This is regardless of the services they may or may not choose. If you do have a preference towards earth burial, entombment, or cremation, how is your family going to know?

What are the main advantages of preplanning a funeral?

A pre-funded funeral or cremation service means your family won’t have to worry about covering funeral costs when cash may be tied up and income flow disrupted.

Pre-funding also assures the cash will be there to provide the kind of service you want.

Willwerscheid Funeral Home & Cremation Service Funeral Plan keeps your funds growing to help keep pace with inflation, so the money your family is counting on will be there.

Often the monies in the plan grows faster than the funeral costs. This allows excess funds to be conveniently returned to the estate for distribution.

Our pre-funding plan is offered to you at No Cost to you or your family. Willwerscheid Funeral Home and Cremation is a dependable, professional funeral home, family owned and operated since 1886. We are also a member of the National Funeral Directors Association.

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If you’d like to learn more about preplanning or are ready to start the preplanning process, contact us through our easy preplanning form or give us a call. We are here to answer your questions and give you the peace of mind.

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