Best Podcasts for Grief June 25, 2020

Best Podcasts for Grief

Listening to Podcasts for Grief

The concert you have anticipated for months has been canceled. The normal activities that fill your days have been eliminated “until further notice”.  Working at home, or not working at all.  During this Pandemic we have all had to adjust in some ways. Experiencing grief during this time has added an extra burden. 

Whether you have extra time on your hands or need something to take your mind off of things.  Listening to Podcasts for grief are a great way to get material to fill your mind with.  If you are experiencing grief, the stories and advice shared in the podcasts can help you find a new perspective or help you through your grief during these tough times. 

Grief Professionals for no cost at all

I am going to share the name and a brief overview of a couple podcasts for grief that have a lot of helpful content. You can find these on your favorite podcast app.


1. Cleaning up the Mental Mess with Dr. Caroline Leaf 6/11/2020
In this episode Dr. Leaf speaks to grief expert and therapist Clare Bidwell Smith. She talks about how grief looks different for everyone and how unresolved grief can affect long term mental health.

2. Good Grief, Girl
In this episode best selling authors Ashley K. Pittman and Caressa Rezsonya share their stories about grief and the pressure to be silent about their grief. 

3. Let’s Talk about Grief by Addie Anderson 10/15/18
Coping with Grief After a Sudden Death
This episode talked with a woman and shared her experiences when she had to deal with the sudden death of a loved one.

4. Mindfulness & Grief Podcast
Grief Dreams with Joshua Black, Ph.D 3/17/19
This episode Dr. Black shared his knowledge and experience with grief dreams.  He goes into the meaning of the different types of dreams. He also gives tips for children and adults to use the dreams to help in their “grief work”.

5. Coming Back: Conversations…
E104: I Hear You with Michael Sorenson
In this episode the host talks to the guest about truly listening to other people. It talks about the importance of emotional validation in grief. It talks about the need to truly be heard in our grief. (Skip to about 12:30 to get to the interview)


 Each of these with the exclusion of the Caroline Leaf come from podcasts that entirely focus on grief. They each have a wide variety of episodes that cover different perspectives and grief topics.  You are sure to find something that hits home with your own grief.

Isolation in Grief is the Breeding Ground for Mental Health Issues

Being isolated in your grief is really what keeps you from healing. Isolation can also turn your grief into more serious mental health issues. Depression anxiety and addictions can all stem from unresolved grief and fear.  Listening to these podcasts or searching for other ones are a great way to connect with people’s stories.  To listen and recognize that so many others have been where you have been or understand where you are coming from reminds you that you are not alone.  


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