Why Choose Prearrangement? July 9, 2020

Why Choose Prearrangement

It is important to recognize that death often places unexpected burdens on survivors. Making all the arrangements – for the funeral or cremation, cemetery, the casket, the pastor, the flowers, and on and on – all while they’re trying to come to grips with their loss, is a lot to do. Without advance guidance, the surviving family may not know the right or “expected” thing to do. And worse, they won’t know what you would have wanted.

Fortunately, it’s easy to relieve your family of the need to make all those arrangements. Your funeral director makes it simple and convenient. Willwerscheid Funeral Home & Cremation Service Pre-arranged Funeral Plans are safe and secure because they are protected by some of the strongest financial institutions in the world.

Your Prearrangement Options

Our Pre-arranged Funeral Plan provides the financial support for your funeral or cremation plans. It assures that when the time comes, your family will be burdened with neither planning nor paying for the funeral. You take care of it in advance by purchasing a life insurance or annuity policy, one specially designed for you and your family.

This kind of plan works so well because life insurance and annuities provide a tax-deferred method of building cash for future needs. Your death benefit is designed to continuously grow to help fight inflationary increases in funeral costs, and any excess proceeds may be passed on to your estate.

Why pre-fund a funeral or cremation service?

A pre-funded funeral or cremation service means your family won’t have to worry about covering funeral costs when cash may be tied up and income flow disrupted.

Pre-funding also assures the cash will be there to provide the kind of service you want.

Willwerscheid Funeral Home & Cremation Service Funeral Plan keeps your funds growing to help keep pace with inflation, so the money your family is counting on will be there.

Because the monies in the plan grows, many times faster than the funeral costs, excess funds are conveniently returned to the estate for distribution.

Our pre-funding plan is offered to you at No Cost to you or your family by a dependable, professional funeral home, family owned and operated since 1886, and a member of the National Funeral Directors Association. Start your prearrangement plans now or give us a call to learn more.

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