Helping Friends Grieve During A Pandemic July 30, 2020

Helping a Grieving Friend

Helping others Through Grief During a Pandemic

Grief manifests uniquely for everyone. There are “stages of grief” that give a guide or blueprint of what it may look like however we all experience grief differently.  As we sit at home, work from home and grieve from home, we have to learn a new way of grief support during this unprecedented time in history.  Grieving during a pandemic certainly has its own challenges.

Providing Grief Support when we can’t be Together

Having moral support from others is an important piece of the healing process. A hug, a nice long sit down conversation or a get together with a group of friends have always been a great form of grief support. Stay at home orders, closed restaurants and coffees shops. The isolation from your support group can significantly affect the way we grieve as well as our ability to be of support to others who are grieving during the Pandemic.


Let’s talk about some easy ways to show support to friends who are experiencing grief during the Pandemic.


  • The old fashioned greeting card is so underrated. There is something so exciting about going to the mailbox and getting a nice handwritten card or letter. Who wouldn’t want something other than another bill or reminder to fill out the census?
  • What’s easier these days than virtual calls. You can have a conversation with someone all the while seeing their facial expressions, which can get lost in a normal phone call. Check in as often as needed, sometimes that familiar face is calming for those who are grieving. 
  • Taking a socially distanced walk. Something about taking a long walk in nature is healing all by itself. When you can do it next to, or 6 ft apart from a trusted friend it’s a perfect time that allows them to open up about the grief. 
  • Food delivery is really booming right now with the pandemic. Using a food delivery service is another great way to show your support to a grieving friend. Offer to send them a meal. They could even put in the order so you know they are getting something they will enjoy. 

A little support goes a long way.

These are each small acts of kindness that may not fix everything but just showing someone you are there for them even when contact is limited can go a long way.  Grieving during a pandemic has its challenges. The most important thing is to keep checking in on your loved ones who are grieving. Isolation breeds a variety of issues.  Allow friends to grieve in their own way, just be there for them. 

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