Grief and Your Health: Creating Healing Habits August 13, 2020

Healing Habits for Grief

Grief and Overall Health

Now more than ever humans are becoming aware of the crossover between mental and physical health. To heal your body you also need to heal the mind and vice versa. It’s only natural then to make the connection between going through the grief process and how important it is to manage both mental and physical health. Being in supreme health does not eliminate grief or the bad feelings that go along with it, but it can influence how you heal in the long run. 

Whether you are currently in the throes of grief or not, creating healthy habits set you up for optimal ability to deal with the up and downs of life.  Being physically active and mentally healthy creates a positive self esteem and more motivation for daily life. 

What Makes You Feel Good?

I always ask myself, what would my ideal healthy day look like? Usually it consists of waking up and starting the day with thanksgiving. Spending time being grateful for even the most basic of things often puts life into perspective.  I always make sure not to minimize my pain by saying how someone else has it worse than me, but to simply recognize that there are always things to be thankful for. These are some simple ways that I can acknowledge my grief but continue on a journey of overall health.


Don’t Stop There

The next piece of the “perfect day” for me would consist of some form of physical activity that required me to push my body. When you push past the place where you felt comfortable or thought your limits were there is something incredibly rewarding about that. Not only do endorphins flow, you get that great influx of dopamine but it is also a reminder that your mind and body can get through more than you thought it could. 

Healing Habits for Grief and your Health


  • Starting your day with thanksgiving. After all there is always something to be thankful for even if it feels small.
  • Pushing your body physically with exercise. A reminder that you can make it through. 
  • Eating lots of plants! They help your body and mind heal properly.
  • Connecting with friends and family. Being known to others is a basic need of every human.
  • Reaching out to help others in need. There is just something about serving others that fills our cup as much as theirs. 


Small Pieces Come Together 

Mental and physical health consists of many tiny pieces that make up the overall puzzle. Everyone is different in their grief story as well as in their health needs.  A nice walk with a friend may be healing and life giving for one person while it might be overwhelming and draining for another. A really important piece of healing grief is to understand what gives you life and what drains you. As you understand what these things are you can plug them in to your life while eliminating things that simply bring you down.  

Help From Others Goes a Long Way

Finding professionals to help along your grief and health journey is so beneficial. A nutritionist to truly understand your food needs. A counselor or therapist to help work through the grief. Joining a grief support group or an exercise class are more great ways to lean on others for support.

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