Grieving as the Seasons Change During a Pandemic August 20, 2020

Grieving as the Seasons Change

Nature is healing while grieving as seasons change

Over the last couple months I have seen colorful birds I’d never seen before. I felt the breeze on my face and heard the sound of waves. Anxiety and grief that seemed to plague me through the years seem to melt away in these moments.  At times a bright red cardinal will perch itself near me and my grief turns to a feeling of being content in that moment.  Believing as though my grandfather came from heaven in the form of a beautiful bird for a visit.  Grieving as the seasons change has always been an interesting to study. It is true as the seasons change grief changes too.

I can feel it in the Air

As I alluded to earlier the new animals and pieces of nature I experienced during these long months of the pandemic; I realize it’s not that there are new species of birds or that the sun is shining brighter or the sunsets are more beautiful. I finally had a chance to notice them. As that same breeze blows you can almost feel it in the air as the summer starts to wind down and gets ready to change to fall. For many especially in areas that experience extreme winters the change in the season is an unwelcome visitor because grief seems to heighten during these times.  As the air turns with the season grief can take on a stronger pull. 

As Seasons Change so can Grief

A lot of people deal with Seasonal Affective Disorder. In short, the days are darker and colder and the sun hides in the clouds more often than not.  Lack of vitamin D, summer adventure and seasonal fresh fruit and veggies creates feelings of depression for some.  Maybe it is also the steady stream of holidays that remind us of all who are no longer with us to celebrate. The cold winter feels like a breeding ground for grief and now during a pandemic will the isolation only feel heavier?

Pandemic Grief

The last couple months have been a new experience for everyone around the entire world. Schedules interrupted, plans canceled. Nothing has ever been so widespread as this current pandemic we are all experiencing. Every news cycle reveals something new. New data, new studies, new “pivots” in planning for future events.  It feels as though right now all that we know is that, we don’t know. Scientists can create theories and hypotheses, politicians create narratives that benefit their campaign, at the end of the day it all remains to be seen what the future holds.

Being Proactive with Grief Support 

Grieving as the season changes from summer to fall and continues on to winter. What plans do you have to prepare for the season in regards to grief support? The start of school, Halloween and thanksgiving to name a few are more than certainly going to look different this year. If you have ever struggled with grief or feeling more down during the winter months now would be a great time to be more proactive. Put some plans in place. Make sure that you have a support “team”. Friends and family who you can get together with or make calls to. Finding online support groups are a great choice right now while the virus is still running rampant.  

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